Iranian Jujube in Canada | Anab Wholesale and Purchase

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Iranian Jujube in Canada

Iranian Jujube in Canada | Anab Wholesale and Purchase

Iranian Jujube in Canada is not that common and you can find it in Iranian, Afghan and, Arab shops. ANAB wholesale and purchase is in Iran.

Jujube exports to Canada, along with other nuts, have come into focus in recent years.
Jujube, barberry, and saffron are from the South Khorasan province of Iran. And the Iranian sellers present these products in large quantities in the Canadian market.

In addition to Iran, jujube is also available in China and Russia.
This Iranian product is slightly different from other countries in terms of taste.
The Iranian ANAB production center is in eastern Iran and more precisely in South Khorasan province.

Fresh and dried Iranian jujube products

Fresh and dried Iranian jujube

In Iran, the center of jujube production is The Southern Khorasan Province.
Different parts of this region are engaged in planting and producing high-quality Iranian jujubes.
Various rural areas around Birjand (the capital of this province) are under the cultivation of barberry and jujube.

The highest quality products are available in Birjand. But the wholesale markets and the best place to purchase in high quantities is not only Birjand but also you can find perfect offers in Mashhad.

Various production units are active in the field of jujube processing and packaging in Khorasan.
One of the companies active in the field of jujube sales and exports is the Artin jujube production company.

The Artin ANAB Company distributes its products in the market in 6 to 7 grades based on quality parameters.
There are 2 grades for the small size jujubes, which are most common with the name “medicinal jujube” or “powdering jujube” in Iran’s market.

The Artin company also exports Iranian jujube to Canada. Iranian jujube fruits have a good market in Canada but you need to know that it’s better to choose big size Iranian jujubes to import to Canada.

Export/Import of Iranian Jujube for Canada

Iranian Jujube for Canada

Artin jujube is mostly in use to export to other countries.
The main criteria for separating and sorting jujube are as follows:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Taste and freshness
  • Amount of wrinkles
  • Percentage of pests
  • Packaging

All these factors have a direct impact on determining the quality and price of jujube.
To export jujube from Iran, it should be noted that bulk jujube does not need a standard for the Iran government.
In other words, this product is not part of the mandatory standard goods in Iran Customs.
This issue has made the customs affairs of jujube in Iran very simple and easy.

At the time of exporting jujube, the product needs to be declared to the customs and all the necessary certificates are received in this center.
Through the following link, you can get acquainted with the exact steps and how to export barberry and jujube:

♦♦ Stages and methods of exporting Iranian jujube and barberry ♦♦

Most of the jujube exports from the Artin collection is to the following countries:

  • India
  • Iraq
  • Canada
  • Pakistan
  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan

Each of these markets buys jujube for special consumption and use.
In India, for example, fine jujube is in use to pulverize and combine it with Indian Tamarind.

Medium and large Iranian jujubes are most popular in the Canadian market.
The highest sales volume of the Artin jujube exports to Canada was from codes 2, 3, and 4.

These jujubes do not have a high percentage of wrinkles and in terms of size and taste are suitable for supply in export markets.
In addition, the codes introduced above have a good meat-to-core ratio.

Iranian Jujube Wholesale and Purchase

Iranian Jujube Wholesale

As mentioned, most jujube sales are made from Birjand city in South Khorasan province.
The Artin company is in Birjand and mainly offers various jujubes in the market.
In addition to the domestic markets of Iran, this company exports jujube fruits to various world markets.

Jujube products such as jujube powder and jujube cubes also have their own fans in different markets.
These products are also available in the market mainly by the Artin collection.

If you have used Artin jujube before, you are definitely familiar with grading.
But if it’s your first purchase from the Artin jujube company, you can contact the sales associates to send you pictures of products or samples.

To receive images, you can contact one of the sales experts by clicking on the image below.

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