Iranian Jujube Major Supply – Artin Anab/Onab

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Iranian Jujube Major Supply

Iranian Jujube Major Supply – Artin Anab/Onab

Iranian Jujube Major Supply Center is in Khorasan province. Artin Anab/Onab producers are in the southern cities of Khorasan in Iran.

The largest sales and supply center of Iranian jujube is in the South Khorasan Province of Iran.
In this center, all kinds of fresh and dried jujube are available in bulk; The main market of this product is in Birjand.

Birjand and the surrounding cities are the largest producers of Iranian red jujube (Onab/Anab). In fact, more than 90% of Iranian jujube production is in this region of the country. So, the most important Iranian jujube major supply center is the Birjand city in Iran.

Jujube in this region is available both fresh (at the beginning of the harvest season) and dried (all year round).

Various companies are active in the field of production, processing, packaging, sales, and export of jujube in South Khorasan, and in this article, we will become more familiar with one of these collections.

Medicinal properties of Iranian red jujube

Iranian red jujube

Jujube is one of the tropical fruits that has many benefits.
This fruit has a high area under cultivation in the South Khorasan region.

Perhaps when the benefits of this plant are told to someone, one wonders why he has never paid more attention to this fruit.
Jujube has many antioxidants. Therefore, it is suitable for preventing all types of cancers.
Below you can see some of the properties of jujube.

  • At first, it helps the digestive system and digestion
  • Then, it’s perfect for “Blood Purification”
  • Fight Alzheimer’s and strengthen the brain
  • Solve sleep problems
  • Strengthen bones
  • Regulate blood circulation
  • Also, weight control
  • Boost immunity
  • And, Lower blood sugar and regulate metabolism

Of course, these are just some of the beneficial properties of jujube.
Jujube has other special properties and benefits.
In the following sections, you can read more about the sale and price of this high-quality plant.
We hope you enjoy reading this article and use it.

Khorasan Jujube Major Supply Center

Khorasan Jujube Major Supply

In the previous section, you can read various information about the benefits and properties of jujube.
Now the question is where is the Iranian jujube major supply in bulk?

It is possible to boldly call Birjand and South Khorasan “the center of jujube production and processing” in Iran.
In this province, due to the high volume of jujube cultivation and the existence of many workshops, jujube is available at a reasonable price.
at these workshops, producers mostly sort and categorize their products.

You can read more information about this category in the next section for you. Artin company is also one of the collections that are active in the production and sale of jujube.
Due to its structure, this company tries to offer its jujube to you with the lowest price and the highest quality.

For more information or advice and purchase of jujube, you can contact the collection consultants.

Iranian Anab/Onab Price and Quality

Iranian Anab/Onab Price

One of the questions for any jujube buyer is how jujubes are priced.
Jujube is placed in separate categories according to different characteristics. Each of these categories has its own price.

Features of jujube classification include the size of jujube, jujube wrinkles, and the extent of its pest.
The larger the jujube we want, the higher the price will be.
On the other hand, the fewer wrinkles jujube has, the better the quality and the higher the price.

According to these explanations, jujubes that are small in size and wrinkle are very cheap.
These jujubes are medicinal jujubes because they have various medicinal properties.
Of course, due to the fluctuations in the market, you can easily get the price of jujube with one call.

According to these explanations, it is recommended to consult a skilled and experienced person to buy any type of jujube.
For advice and buying different types of jujube, you can contact the consultants of the Artin collection.

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