Iranian Jujube Online Wholesale – Dried Fruits Market

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Iranian Jujube Online Wholesale - Dried Fruits Market

Iranian Jujube Online Wholesale – Dried Fruits Market

One of the main activities of the Artin Dried Fruits Company is to supply this product for the Iranian Jujube Online Wholesale Market.

You can buy first-class and high-quality dried jujube online in bulk through the Artin website.
In this company, jujube is available at the best possible price. In fact, this company is a producer and supplier of Iranian dried jujube fruits for wholesale markets in Tehran and Mashhad.

The main center of Iranian red jujube production is in South Khorasan province, especially the cities of Birjand, and Sarbisheh.

This product, which has many therapeutic properties, in addition to the Iranian market, has many fans in the market of other countries, and this has led to a boom in the export/import of Iranian jujube in recent years.

Jujube is one of the strategic products of Khorasan province along with barberry and saffron. Which have a significant volume of non-oil exports to Iran.
Iranian jujube online wholesale is increasing day by day and it starts because of Covid19. In fact, there are many people who are willing to buy products non-in-person.

Jujube Production Center in Iran

Jujube Production Center in Iran

Jujube is a unique fruit whose harvest season in the tropics begins in early August. In Iran, they call it “ANAB” or “ONAB” which is really common in the eastern and central parts of Iran.

We can say that South Khorasan is the largest and main jujube production center in Iran.
Birjand city, which is in the center of this province, is the main producer of jujube in this province.
It is interesting to know that the jujube harvest season in Iran is at two different times.

  1. In the tropics, jujube harvest begins in early August.
  2. In the mountainous and cold regions of South Khorasan province, jujube harvest begins in early October.

As we know, South Khorasan province has a warm climate in general.
For this reason, the first group (tropical regions) produce more volumes of jujube in the province.

Jujubes of this province are to send to other cities and countries for various purposes.

In the following sections, we will provide more information about these issues and the online shopping and wholesale of jujube.

Dried Jujube Wholesale Market in Khorasan

Dried Jujube Wholesale Market in Khorasan

You may be wondering from which city should you buy jujube in bulk?
The answer to this question is quite clear.
Considering that South Khorasan and Birjand are the centers of jujube production in the country, they are also the best place to buy jujube.

Major purchases from this area, in addition to reducing the purchase price, have other advantages.
One of these advantages is the freshness of jujube.
There are many workshops in this province that you should check and make the best purchase.

Artin company is also one of the companies that are active in the field of production and sale of Iranian jujube in bulk and online for wholesale markets.

Of course, various factors play a role in determining the price of jujube, which you can read about them in the following section.

Iranian Dried Jujube Online Wholesale Price

Iranian Dried Jujube Online Wholesale Price

It can be boldly said that one of the issues that are considered an important criterion for jujube buyers is its price.
The price of jujube depends on several factors.
Below we will mention two main examples of these features.

  • At first, Jujube size
  • And second is the wrinkles on jujube

The larger the size of the jujube, the higher the price will be in parallel.
On the other hand, the lower the number of jujube wrinkles, the better the quality and the higher the price of jujube.

So we conclude that high quality and expensive jujubes are relatively large in size and wrinkle less than other jujubes.
These jujubes are “nut jujube”. In fact, it means that these jujubes are more in use as dried fruit and nut.

In contrast, jujube with small size and more wrinkles will have a lower price
These jujubes are medicinal or pulverizing jujube. It’s because of their use as medicines and to produce jujube powder.
Of course, it should be noted that according to the fluctuations in the market, we should have the daily price of jujube.

You may be wondering how to buy different types of jujubes?
Due to the advancement of technology, it can be said that the best and fastest way to buy now is through online purchase.
You can contact the consultants of the Artin collection for advice and easy shopping.

By contacting the consultants of the collection, you can ask them about the price of jujube and then proceed to buy the desired jujube.

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