Iranian Jujube Red date Wholesale for Export/Import

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Jujube Red date Wholesale

Iranian Jujube Red date Wholesale for Export/Import

Ziziphus fruit is the Iranian agricultural product exports to Germany, France, India, Qatar, and Canada. This fruit calls Jujube red date in the wholesale market.

How much is the wholesale price of jujube in the market of Iran for export to other countries?
Where can you find Iranian Ziziphus jujuba fruits producers in Iran to achieve the best prices?

As you know, the main center of Iranian red jujube production is in the east of Iran.

High-Quality Red Dates

High-Quality Red Dates

The center of Iranian red jujube production is in South Khorasan province.
In the cities of Birjand, Qa’en, and Khousf, a large volume of Iranian jujube fruit production is doing.

Iranian dried jujube red dates wholesale in India and Canada is because of its high quality. Despite the large quantity production of jujube fruits in china, Iranian Zizhipus jujube has its own market.

Jujube of South Khorasan, in addition to consumption in the domestic market, also has its own fans in export markets.
This product has a variety of applications due to its many medicinal properties.

Ziziphus powder uses to produce some cosmetics.
One of the other most important uses of jujube is the production of various medicines, especially for colds and sore throats.
Even many pharmaceutical factories around the world use Iranian red jujube to produce some of their products.

This is one of the important reasons for the high medicinal properties of this product.
In addition to jujube fruit, jujube tree leaves are also using for some purposes.

In this region of the country (Southern Khorasan), small and large jujubes produce with different percentages of wrinkles on the skin of the fruits.

The quality of the product, in addition to observing the horticultural points, is also directly related to the climate of the region.

Red Date Wholesale Centers

Red Date Wholesale

Various wholesale markets buy and sell Khorasan jujube.

In most dried fruit markets across Iran, jujube is offering to customers along with other products.

Jujube enters the market in different categories and is distributing in the market according to the application and consumption cases.
Large and high-quality jujube is mostly available to people through nut shops.

But the buyers of smaller or more wrinkled jujubes are factories of cosmetics or pharmaceutical companies.

Most wholesalers in different countries, according to their target market, buy the product from the production center.
To increase sales volume and attract customer satisfaction according to the demand.

But the main markets for selling jujube in Iran are in the following cities:

  • Birjand
  • Khousf
  • Qa’en
  • Arianshahr
  • Mashhad

Of course, other markets besides these main markets are also engaged in red date wholesale.
But the main center of the supply of red dates in Iran is the above markets.
The wholesale price of jujube in these markets is relatively cheaper than other markets in the country.

But there may not be much difference between markets for retail purchases.

Red Date Wholesale Price

Red Date Wholesale Price

The wholesale price of red date is one of the main concerns and challenges in buying high volume sales.
This is often due to the quality of the product bargaining between the buyer and seller.

As mentioned, the wholesale price of Iranian jujube red dates in producing cities is more appropriate for this product.
In jujube-producing cities, a lot of production units are operating.

In these units, jujube is processing and sorting after harvesting from the tree and is ready to be packaged.

The main sorting procedure is sorting by size.
Other parameters such as color, amount of wrinkles, percentage of pests, and fractures are in the next categories.
All of these should consider and evaluate when buying in bulk.

Iranian Big Size Jujube fruits for Export/Import

Jujube fruits

Many active production units in South Khorasan Province directly sell their products.

The direct supply of jujube red dates in different cities of the country has many benefits for the producer, the wholesaler, and the consumer.
The most important advantage of this is a fair price with good product quality.

In this regard, some sales units of companies have set up online stores to supply jujube fruits in large quantities.

One of the activists in the jujube market is Artin Production-Trading Company.
All jujube products in this collection are prepared and processed based on pre-determined codes.

In Artin jujube production, products classify in 8 different codes (Grades) to make it easier for customers to choose and buy the product they want.
For information on the daily price of products and also to receive jujube coding images, you can contact the sales unit of this collection in various ways.

Iranian Dried Ziziphus Jujuba Fruit Export/Import

Dried Ziziphus Jujuba

In addition to great sales in the Iranian domestic market, the Iranian jujube red date is also popular in export markets.

Of course, it goes without saying that Russia, especially China, is one of the largest producers of jujube in the world.
Jujube fruits that are producing in these countries are much larger in size than Iranian jujube.

But Iranian jujube has been more welcomed by pharmaceutical companies due to its medicinal properties and production in hot and dry regions.

To buy bulk Iranian jujube red dates for export/import, order registration is done from different countries.
Another target market for Iranian jujube is India.

In the Indian market, small and large Iranian jujube is popular, but mostly small jujube is using for powder.

Some Indian tamarind manufacturers use granulated dried jujube fruits in the production of their products.

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