Iranian Jujube Red Dates Fruits

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Iranian Jujube Red Dates

Iranian Jujube Red Dates Fruits

Jujube red dates have many medicinal uses and Iranian jujube fruits are using to export from Iran also to use as dried fruits and snacks.

Artin jujube sales website is one of the official sources of this product that you can import by buying from this Iranian producer.
Iranian jujube red dates are selling both fresh and also completely dry in the market.

Jujube Red Dates of Iran

Jujube Red Dates of Iran

Jujube is one of the agricultural products of the South Khorasan province of Iran.
This product is producing along with barberry and saffron in a large volume.
Khorasan jujube red date is mostly grown in Iran’s eastern regions, especially in Khorasan.
Khorasan region has the highest production of this product.

Jujube is a very hardy tree that reaches a height of more than 11 meters.
But experts and experienced-farmers have come to the conclusion that the high height of the tree weakens its fruit.

For this reason, farmers and producers with knowledge of jujube in Khorasan province are careful enough about the quality of their products.
The best height for a jujube tree is between 5 to 7 meters.
Jujube trees with this height will have the best product in terms of color and size.

The season of harvesting fresh jujube from a tree in Iran begins approximately on August 6th.
The more accurate and regular the amount of watering and the tree does not suffer from climatic stresses, the jujube skin will have the least amount of wrinkles.
But in the years of drought in the region, the rate of jujube wrinkles increases sharply.

It should be noted that the number of wrinkles on the skin of jujube red dates is a parameter that affects the price.

Artin Jujube Fruits Sale Website

Jujube Fruits Sale Website

Artin jujube sale’s website is one of the centers for the direct purchase of Iranian jujube red dates.
The Artin jujube production factory usually sells its products in 7 or 8 different codes in terms of size in the market.

These codings are according to the product’s size in the first place.
But there are other parameters that affect the quality of jujube:

Jujube size wrinkles color no worms and living pests proper packaging

All of the above are effective in determining the quality of the product and consequently determining the price of jujube.

The Artin jujube sales online website sends all the products you want directly from the orchards of South Khorasan province.
In this company, in addition to fresh and dried jujube, puffy-shape barberry and pomegranate-seeds-shape are also selling in bulk.

In addition, some Iranian jujubes are using for export/import.
The export markets of this product are India, Canada, South Korea, Ukraine, and European countries.

Of course, for jujube exports, it should be noted that China is one of the largest producers of jujube in the world.
Chinese jujube is much cheaper than Iranian jujube.
But small Iranian jujube red dates are often using for powdering or medicinal purposes in world markets.

Iran’s jujube export market is not very prosperous. in this field, we are open to any cooperation offers and suggestions.

Online Price List of Jujube Red Dates

Jujube Red Dates Price

The price of jujube directly refers to the quality parameters, which you can read in full in the previous sections.
In addition to quality, the amount of supply and demand in the market along with the volume of jujube production, determine the price of this product.

Since jujube has a longer shelf life when it’s dry, all producers of this product dry their crops completely at the beginning of the harvest season.

The exact prices of jujube fruits should indicate in the proforma invoices according to the customers’ orders. But you can check the approximate price list as follows:

  1. The small size of Iranian jujube red dates (FOB Price delivered to Bandar Abbas Port):    0.5 Usd/Kg
  2. The medium size of Iranian jujube red dates (FOB Price delivered to Bandar Abbas Port):    1.2 Usd/Kg
  3. Also Big size and high-quality Iranian jujube fruits (FOB Price delivered to Bandar Abbas Port):    3 Usd/Kg

To receive pictures of any jujube code, you can contact the experts of the Artin sales unit right now.
Photos of different jujube codes will be sent to you in WhatsApp or Telegram.

If you need to see a sample of the product before buying, be sure to discuss this with Artin sales managers.

You can also visit our Instagram page.

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