Iranian Jujube Supplier | Artin Fresh and Dried Jujube Fruits

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Iranian Jujube Supplier

Iranian Jujube Supplier | Artin Fresh and Dried Jujube Fruits

The Artin company is an Iranian jujube supplier that exports dried and fresh jujube fruits in bulk to Europe, Canada, India, and Ukraine.

Khorasan in Iran is the most important production center of Iranian jujubes.
You can find the highest area under cultivation and production of high quality and large jujube in this region of the country.

Jujube harvest from the orchards of South Khorasan province begins in late August and continues until the beginning of autumn. Jujube at the beginning of the season in the soft and green form in the market as fresh fruit is welcomed by the general public.

The sales volume of fresh jujube in Iran during the harvest season is really high and profitable.
If you are searching for an Iranian jujube supplier who can supply both fresh and dried jujube fruits for you:

Join us in this article and first decide if you need FRESH JUJUBES or DRIED JUJUBES?

After the harvest season, most farmers and production companies dry jujube completely to increase its shelf life. With this method, they can store jujubes in a hygienic environment for up to a year, away from direct sunlight.

Major Supply of Jujube in Khorasan

Major Supply of Jujube

If you hear the name of jujube anywhere in the world, you will surely remember the province of South Khorasan.
This tropical plant covers a large area under cultivation in this province and is one of the main agricultural products of this province.

According to the available statistics, in 2020, 3,000 hectares of land (in Iran) were under jujube cultivation.
95% of these 3,000 hectares are in South Khorasan province.

Iranian name of jujube is Anab or Onab and it’s not a new crop and product in Khorasan. People of Khorasan remember jujube as far as they can remember and their fathers as well.
It can be said that jujube cultivation has been inherited by today’s young farmers of South Khorasan.
There are many jujube workshops and processing plants in this province.

Due to the production and processing of jujube mainly in this province, two things will happen.

  1. Firstly, you can easily find a perfect Iranian jujube supplier in this province and region.
  2. Secondly, You can achieve any quality that you need at the lowest possible price.

Of course, due to the growth of technology, there is no need to buy in person.
You can get the jujube you want with a single call or even a few messages in cyberspace.

In the following sections, we have more details about these issues for you.

Dried Jujube Supplier in Khorasan

Dried Jujube Supplier

As we know, workshops and suppliers of jujube are available in abundance in Khorasan province.
The question is, what is the easiest and cheapest way to buy jujube?

The Artin company is one of the collections that work in the field of production, sale, and export of jujube.
This company performs two special tasks due to its various relationships with farmers and even the owners of jujube production workshops.

  1. At the lowest price, it will deliver the jujube you want.
  2. In return, the best quality jujube will be sent to you.

It can be said that these two main pillars of shopping for jujube traders.
For advice or to buy the desired jujube, you can contact the consultants of Artin Trading Complex.

Purchasing High-Quality and First-Class Jujube

Purchasing First-Class Jujube

One of the issues that occupy the mind of every jujube buyer is the price of jujube.
The price of jujube depends on several factors.
It can be said that the size and amount of wrinkles on jujube are the most important factors determining the quality and price of jujube.

The larger the size of the jujube, the higher the price of our jujube in parallel.
On the other hand, the lower the number of jujube wrinkles, the higher the quality and price of jujube.
For example, small jujubes have the lowest price among jujubes.
These jujubes are very small and there are a lot of wrinkles on them.
Jujube with large size and small wrinkles, which are Nut-Size jujube, have a very high price and quality.

Of course, at present, due to the fluctuations of the jujube market, it is not possible to determine the price of jujube.
But you can easily get the price of jujube with one call.
For advice, purchase, or information on the daily price of jujube, you can contact the sales consultants of Artin Trading Company.

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