Iranian Jujube Wholesale Center | Persian Anab Supply

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Jujube Wholesale Center

Iranian Jujube Wholesale Center | Persian Anab Supply

Artin Website is a Jujube Wholesale Center Online for high quantity purchases. If you want to import Persian Anab (Ziziphus Jujuba) make direct contact with us.

In Birjand (The production center of Iranian jujube), fresh and dried jujube of South Khorasan is offering in different qualities.
The price is always very important in bulk purchases, and communication with the main production centers can greatly eliminate this issue.

Artin Factory is not only a jujube production factory, but also a jujube wholesale center that you can start your business in this field

The Best Types of Iranian Jujube

Best Iranian Jujube

Birjand and Gha’enat have the highest area under cultivation of ​​the following three crops in Iran:

  1. Saffron (Zaferan)
  2. Barberries (Zereshk or Berberis Vulgaris)
  3. Jujubes (Ziziphus Jujuba or Anab sometimes call as “Red Dates”)

These products are producing in different qualities in South Khorasan province.
The difference in quality depends on various parameters, including the following:

  • climate
  • Soil type
  • The salinity of the water
  • Fertilizers and pesticides used
  • Timely pruning of trees

If the production of the product is done in a principled and standard way, the best and highest quality product will be produced.
In this regard, one of the best areas for jujube production is the plains around Birjand city.

Taghab, Mahvavi, Gazar and Soyjan have the highest level of quality of jujube types around Birjand.

There are several criteria for determining the best jujube.

High quality jujube diagnostic criteria:
1. The good color
2. Good size
3. Being smooth (Smooth Skin)
4. No worming
5. Freshness and good taste

Of course, the type of jujube should select according to consumption and use.
For example, tiny jujubes, which is cheaper, are often using to make jujube powder and syrup.

Persian Jujube Wholesale Center

Jujube Wholesale Center

Various jujube wholesale centers sell Persian Anab in Iran specially in Birjand.
Mashhad Bazaar (Mosalla), Tehran Bazaar (Ahangaran) and Isfahan Bazaar are the major markets for jujube.
But buying from these markets is actually creating an intermediary after the manufacturer.

For low-volume purchases, buying from these markets is affordable and justifiable, but is it for bulk purchases?

The answer to this question is definitely no. Because when buying a large volume, a small amount per kilo can be a large amount at the cost of the entire order.
For this reason, The best option is to buy and purchase from a reliable jujube wholesale center in Birjand.

Although some of these centers also offer prices close to wholesale markets, they are much more likely to reduce prices.

Artin Anab Packaging

Artin Anab Packaging

Jujube is usually packaging in one-layer bags and sent to customers.
The weight of the bags is often requested by customers, but the usual weights for the jujube bag are 25, 30 and 40 Kg.

Of course, some export customers prefer to buy jujube in 5, 8 or 10 kg cartons.

As you are aware, in addition to the domestic market, Iranian jujube uses for exporting as well.
Iranian jujube mostly exports to India, Iraq, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Here is the Persian website of Artin Company:

Artin Jujube Wholesale Center

Jujube Wholesale Center

Artin Production Factory operates in the field of agricultural products in South Khorasan of Iran.
In this center, barberries and jujubes are producing and selling in a specialized way.

The jujube producing in this center places in 8 different grades and sends to domestic and export customers.
These classifications are based on the quality parameters described above.

You can contact the sales department to receive pictures and videos of each of these jujube grades.

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