Iranian Jujube Wholesale Website | Anab or Red Dates

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Iranian Jujube Wholesale Website | Anab or Red Dates

Iranian Jujube Wholesale Website | Anab or Red Dates

The Artin website is an Iranian jujube wholesale website that you can purchase Iranian Anab (Chinese Red Dates) in bulk for import/export.

The bulk supply of jujubes is through the Artin online store at a reasonable price.
The high-quality jujube of South Khorasan province is mainly available for all the countries.

As you know, Khorasan is the largest jujube production center in Iran.
The products of the Artin production company also belong to the orchards of this region of the country.

Iranian Jujube Wholesale Website

Iranian Jujube Wholesale WebsiteOnline sales of products in Iran flourished many years ago.
But products wholesale through websites is a new challenge in Iran.
But with the rise of public confidence in non-in-person shopping methods, we see that many products are available in bulk this way.

online shopping methods have many advantages, the most important of which is not wasting time and risking the route.
In the field of buying and selling jujube fruits mainly through online stores and websites, the Artin Jujube Company was one of the leaders.

In this collection, jujube and barberry as the main products of South Khorasan province are available for the market all over the country.

Artin Company’s activity is only in the form of wholesale of products and no partial supply of the product is possible by this factory.
If you want to buy Iranian jujube for wholesale in bulk, join us on this website.

High-Quality Jujube Wholesale

High-Quality Jujube WholesaleBig size and first-class jujubes are commonly in use for nuts. In fact, they are in use for sale in nut stores and shops.
The main buyers of large-size jujubes are usually wholesalers and activists in the field of dried fruits and nuts.

These jujubes are often delivered to end consumers through nut stores & shops or even shopping websites.
Large-size jujubes in the Artin production company are available in 5 different codes.
Parameters such as size, amount of wrinkles, color, and some other items are important in these categories.

Jujube harvest season is almost late summer every year and dried jujube is available about 1 month after harvest from orchards.
The major supply of large types of jujube during the year is the main activity of the Artin jujube production company.

In addition to the domestic markets of Iran, these products also have buyers in the international markets.
Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Germany are major buyers of first-class Iranian jujube fruits.

Small Size Jujube Fruits in the Market

Small Size Jujube Fruits in the MarketAt the time of jujube sorting, depending on the size, producers separate and categorize jujube fruits.
In the Artin jujube production company, these products are in 2 general codes.
These jujubes are quite small and their percentage of wrinkles is high. This type of jujube is commonly in use to sell for traditional medicine producers.

For this reason, this product is also called medicinal jujube.
In addition, this jujube is also in use for grinding and making jujube powder.
Jujube powder is in use to treat various diseases or to produce jujube berries.
The price of this product is much lower than large-size jujube and it has its own market.

Iranian jujube also has many buyers in the markets of India and Pakistan.
This product is available in bulk and high quantities at very lower prices in the Indian market.

Artin Iranian Jujube Wholesale Prices

Artin Iranian Jujube Wholesale PricesAs you can see, Artin jujube is available in 7 different codes in the market all year round.
The Artin Production Unit strives to deliver products of the same quality to our customers throughout the year.

But since jujube is an agricultural product, one cannot expect it to be exactly the same all times.
Therefore, the issue of buying and selling agricultural products has always such difficulties and challenges.

The Artin jujubes are available in bulk at competitive prices.
You can contact the sales department to receive pictures as well as the daily price list of the products.
Our colleagues in social networks (WhatsApp, Telegram and Instagram) send you more information.

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