Iranian Jujube’s Affordable Price | Artin Unnab Co.

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Iranian Jujube's Affordable Price | Artin Unnab Co.

Iranian Jujube’s Affordable Price | Artin Unnab Co.

Iranian jujube’s affordable price is possible and achievable when you are purchasing Unnab directly from producers and suppliers.

Iranian Unnab wholesale prices are really affordable and competitive, especially during the harvest season. By the way, fresh jujube is available for sale in bulk during this harvest season.
During the rest of the year, dried jujube in different qualities is mainly offered in the market all over the country.

Jujube is one of the main orchard products available in South Khorasan province, which is mostly in the central parts of this province.
The highest area under cultivation of jujube orchards in Iran is in Khorasan province.

There are wide areas full of jujube orchards and trees and you can find this product in Khorasan province easily. The Persian name of jujube in Iran is Unnab and obviously, Iranian jujube’s affordable price is achievable in this province of Iran.

Purchasing Fresh Jujube during the Harvest Season

Purchasing Fresh Jujube during the Harvest Season

Fresh jujube sale is one of the businesses of many orchard owners during the harvest season.

Green jujube (Fresh Unnab) is available in markets all over the country (Iran) for about 3 to 5 weeks, which is the harvest time; The sales route of this product is 2 ways:

  1. At first, Direct sale of jujube by orchard owners in Khorasan province
  2. And Second is the sales through fruit and vegetable markets across the country

The first method will be much more economical in terms of price in bulk orders. But obviously, is not possible for all the merchants and buyers to come to the producing areas and purchase directly and personally.

Fresh and Dried Jujube Purchasing Time

Fresh and Dried Jujube Purchasing Time

Fresh jujube is only available in the market at the beginning of the harvest season. Given that fresh jujube has a low shelf life, farmers and producers of this product try to dry it.

Dried jujubes stay unchanged for about 10 to 11 months if they are in a suitable environment and away from direct sunlight.

In this regard, most people keep their products dry. But the question for many people is how jujube is available in the market softly and fresh all year round? In fact, they are selling dried jujubes but before selling them, they put them in water for hours to become like fresh jujube.

Obviously, there are precise differences between real fresh jujubes and wet ones. One of the most important differences is that:

The inside of real fresh jujube is green while wet jujubes have a brown mantle

Iranian Jujube’s Supply at Affordable Price

Iranian Jujube's Supply at Affordable Price

As explained in the previous sections, Khorasan is the main center of production, processing, and sale of jujube.

In this city, jujube is available in wholesale workshops or processing units and factories.
One of the companies active in the field of production, sale, and export of dried jujube of South Khorasan is the Artin jujube production company. In this company, various categorizing for the products help buyers to choose the best and most affordable types and qualities.

Jujube in this factory is first sorted by size. 7 categories of Artin jujube fruits are available in the market. In fact, there are two main categories for all the jujubes:

  • Big and Medium size jujubes that are in use as nuts and dried fruits.
  • Small size jujube (Unnab fruits) that are in use for their medicinal properties.

Other parameters that directly affect the quality of jujube after size are color, skin wrinkles, and the size of the jujube kernel.
In warm seasons, the product should be under control from pests; Because if stored in an unsuitable environment, the possibility of insects and mold is high.
For information on sales conditions and more familiarity with Artin jujube products and categories, you can contact the sales unit:

Iranian Jujube Online Sale in Bulk (at affordable price)

Iranian Jujube Online Sale in Bulk (at affordable price)

The official Persian website of Artinnuts at is the only main route for direct communication with the factory in Iran.

Contact information and various communication channels for the direct purchase of jujube are available for you. But note that order registration from the factory has a minimum amount. In other words, sales are only in bulk, and retail is not the mission of this company.

Also, part of the focus of the company’s sales team is on exporting jujube from Iran to different countries. In recent years, part of the sale of Iranian jujube to the following countries has occurred in this way:

Iraq – Pakistan – India – Canada – Netherlands – UK – Russia

The type of jujube sent to each of the above markets is according to the needs of that country. Jujube, for example, is exported to India for powder, and small size jujube with a high percentage of wrinkles is often in use in this country (India). But jujube shipped to Canada is one of the best jujube products that are quite big-size with smooth-skin.

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