Iranian Medicinal Jujube Wholesale | Artin Dried Fruits

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Iranian Medicinal Jujube

Iranian Medicinal Jujube Wholesale | Artin Dried Fruits

Low price Iranian medicinal jujube is one of the good dried fruits of Artin nuts company using for exporting to England, Canada and Korea.

Jujube is in use for production units and pharmaceutical companies at a reasonable price.
The production center of Iranian jujube fruit is South Khorasan province.

One of the jujube producers in Birjand is the Artin jujube company.

Iranian Medicinal Jujube Dates

Iranian Medicinal Jujube Dates

A large number of agricultural orchards in South Khorasan province are under jujube cultivation.
Birjand and Sarbisheh are the largest centers of jujube production in Southern Khorasan.
In these areas, high-quality and first-class jujubes harvest from trees.

Jujube is a product that enters the drying and processing process after harvesting from the tree.
Although jujube is selling fresh at the beginning of the buying season, most jujube activity is dried throughout the year.
In fact, Ziziphus Jujuba fruits are mostly using dried fruits and some foodstuffs.
The main reason for this is the higher shelf life of dried jujube than fresh jujube.

Jujube reaches the sorting stage after it completely loses its moisture.
At this stage, jujubes are first sorting based on size.
Big size jujubes with higher wrinkles are often selling as nuts and good dried fruit.

But the small sizes are using for powder or various medicinal uses. These jujubes are known as Iranian medicinal jujube fruits in the wholesale market.
The most important feature of Iranian medicinal jujube, besides being small, is its low price.

Jujube Fruits Wholesale

Jujube Fruits Wholesale

Sales of dried jujube in different sizes begin about 1 month after the jujube harvest season.
The fresh jujube harvest season in Birjand and surrounding cities begins in late August.

In the Artin jujube production company, as one of the activists of the Birjand and Khorasan jujube market, in 2020, jujube is processed in 7 codes and is ready to be offered to the market.

The sale of jujube in this company is primarily according to the size of the product.
Then other quality parameters are effective in determining the price of the products.

Parameters determining the quality of jujube:

  1. The amount of moisture
  2. Size
  3. Wrinkless
  4. Color
  5. Damage and worm corrosion
  6. Packing

All the above parameters are effective in determining the quality and price of the product.
Low price Iranian medicinal jujube is one of the most suitable jujubes in South Khorasan province.

You can contact Artin sales unit to receive photos, product samples, and also the current price.

Iranian Medicinal Jujube Price

Iranian Medicinal Jujube Price

In addition to quality characteristics, the price of jujube depends on other factors.
The most important of them is the production of jujube in the year as well as the supply and demand in the market.

For example, in the cold season of the year, when the demand for jujube increases, the prices of this product usually increase.
Or in years when jujube harvests from orchards are high, market prices fall due to supply pressures.

Low price medicinal jujube is one of the products whose prices have not changed much in recent years.
In other words, it can be said that in comparison with other products, no sharp price increase has been observed in this product.

If you need to buy in part, be sure to use the advice of our colleagues in the Artin collection.
All products are sending from Iran to the destination countries directly.

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