Iranian Organic Barberry Price for Export/Import

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Iranian Organic Barberry Price

Iranian Organic Barberry Price for Export/Import

Organic barberry price depends on the market and the quality of Iranian Berberis Vulgaris fruits. In fact, the color of barberries is important for export/import.

Organic barberries that are producing in Iran have many buyers in the European market.
The price of each kilo of this type of barberry in the German and French markets is much higher than ordinary and regular barberry.

Organic Barberry Production Center

Organic Barberry Production Center

The main center of the production of edible barberry in Iran is mostly in South Khorasan province.
Birjand and Ghaenat cities are the largest producers of barberry and saffron in Iran.
In this region of the country, strategic agricultural products are producing in large volumes.

The climate of the region along with the fertile soil are the main factors of the high reproduction of barberry varieties in this region of the country.
Unfortunately, in South Khorasan province, a high percentage of farmers use chemical pesticides.
This issue causes the products of these orchards to fall out of the organic category.
The main reason for this is the growth of pests and insects that have entered barberry orchards from other fields.

Fortunately, there are still farmers who produce their crops without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
Of course, the number of these farmers not that much, but their barberries successfully pass the analysis of pesticides.
In fact, That’s the reason for the higher organic barberry’s price in the wholesale markets.

But every year, these orchards are evaluated by experts from purchasing companies in Europe or their representatives.

Sales of Iranian Barberries in World Markets

Iranian Barberries

Iranian barberry varieties have a significant sales volume in global markets.
In the European market, it is true that organic barberry has many buyers. But ordinary (Regular) barberry is also widely purchasing in these countries.
Of course, the price difference between these products is very high. It means that the organic barberry price is higher than non-organic ones.

In general, the main types of barberry that account for the largest volume of production and exports/imports are:

  • Pomegranate-Seeds-Shape barberries
  • Puffy-Shape barberries
  • Black barberries

Each of these types of barberry can be prepared in the following 3 categories:

1. Regular 2. Healthy 3. Organic

Common (Regular) barberry is using in the market of other countries of the world besides Europe.
The main buyers of common barberry are Russia, Iraq, Turkey, Canada, and the United States.
But Iranian organic barberries are selling in different markets in stores selling healthy and organic products.

Since a large percentage of Europeans prefer healthy products, they often get the food they need from these stores.
This makes the food offering in these stores more expensive than similar non-organic items.

Supplying Iranian Organic Barberry Fruits

Supplying Iranian Organic Barberry

As you are aware and according to the previous sections, the production volume of organic barberry is very low.
For this reason, most buyers of these products sell organic barberry in the form of long-term contracts.

This is because there are still areas where organic products are producing, but there is a need for completely hygienic conditions during processing and sorting.

Having a history in this field, The Artin Barberry Company is ready to sign annual contracts to supply organic barberry for export.
For more information, send us the pesticide list plus the defined percentages. Because in many cases healthy barberry is confused with organic.
For this purpose, the technical unit of the Artin factory, after reviewing these cases, will provide you with accurate and comprehensive information.

Then we prepare, process, and package barberries for you at pre-determined intervals.
You can also leave all customs and clearance matters to the commercial team of Artin Company.

Iranian Organic Barberry Price

Iranian Organic Barberry Price

Barberry daily prices are very important in bulk purchases and exports (Imports).
In trade and export/import, price is always one of the basic parameters in purchasing, but it should not be done in such a way as to affect the quality of the product.

In fact, there is a famous phrase that any cheapness is not without reason.
On the other hand, direct purchase from the manufacturer helps a lot to adjust the price.

Of course, keep in mind that the price of organic barberry for export/import is more expensive than other types.
Sales and export conditions of this product are also different from other types of barberry.

Anyway, It is not easy to place the exact price of barberries on the website. Obviously, the price depends on many parameters such as the quality and color of the barberries, the quantity of the orders, the type of packaging and etc.
But let us inform you about the prices in 2021 for an example and approximate estimation of the prices:

  1. Regular (Non-Organic) Barberry Fruits Price (FOB_Iran Bandar Abbas Port):     3.5 usd/kg
  2. Healthy Barberry Fruits Price (FOB_Iran Bandar Abbas Port):     4.5 usd/kg
  3. Organic Barberry Fruits Price (FOB_Iran Bandar Abbas Port):     5.5 usd/kg

For information on sales conditions and the daily price of Artin organic barberry for export/import, you can contact the sales unit directly.
In addition, complete information in this regard has been placed on the Persian website of the Artin Production Company.

Artinnuts Co.

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