Iranian Organic Zereshk | Barberry Exporter | No Pesticides

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Iranian Organic Zereshk

Iranian Organic Zereshk | Barberry Exporter | No Pesticides

The Artin company is an exporter of Iranian Organic Zereshk to Europe, Canada, and America. This product has no pesticides.

Iranian Organic Zereshk is one of the best-selling export products of South Khorasan Province of Iran, where you can find Saffron and Pistachios as well.

France, Germany, and Italy are buyers of this product.
As some people nowadays seek to use healthy and organic products, the sales volume of organic barberries is also growing day by day.

Organic barberry is often popular in EU countries.
This product is available to the public through stores that sell organic food or organic spices.

Edible Barberry Production Center

Edible Barberry Production Center

Iran is the largest producer of edible red barberry in the world.
Barberry is available in some countries but most of them are ornamental and hawthorn.
But Iran is the only producer of edible barberry that exports its products all over the world.

More than 98% of barberry production takes place in the South Khorasan province of Iran.
The highest area under cultivation in this province is the following 3 crops:

  • Barberry
  • Saffron
  • Jujube

Barberry is also available in different cities of this province and if you are searching for Iranian Organic Zereshk, you should find the producer of this product in Iran, those who export as well.

To buy organic barberry, you should pay attention to the fact that you should buy from areas where crops such as jujube, wheat, and barley are not grown.
Because different pesticides are often in use for the growth of these crops and it also spreads to barberry orchards.

There are pure areas and springs in South Khorasan province where barberry products are without any fertilizers and poisons.
In the following, we will examine this product more.

Best Iranian Organic Barberry Supply

Iranian Organic Barberry Supply

Organic barberry of Iran is exporting to the market by a limited number of exporter companies.
Because testing, care, and processing of organic barberry are expensive, many production units do not enter the field.

For this reason, the number of organic barberry sellers is not that much and in fact, there are only 3 or 4 main exporters of Iranian organic Zereshk that are producers as well.

One of the companies active in the field of production, sale, and export of organic barberry is the Artin Barberry Company.
In this collection, organic barberry is available in large volumes to merchants of different countries.

The barberries of this collection are in 2 types of POFAKI and ANARI barberries (Whether they are organic or non-organic).
Packages are often in 5, 8, or 10 kg cartons.

How to Export/Import Iranian Organic Zereshk

Iranian Organic Zereshk

It has a very simple and short process for purchasing organic barberry from Iran and it is almost the same as non-organic barberries.

Although since 2019, there are a few new documents necessary for exporting barberries from Iran. But the exporters that are producers as well, can easily provide all these documents and perform all the customs procedures for you.

For barberry exports, the only thing that must be agreed between the buyer and the seller is the confirmation that the goods are organic.
There are various solutions to ensure that our partners in the Artin sales department will tell you these ways.

Artinnuts ContactOne of the main ways to do this is to take a sample of the barberries by the customer or their representative.
This is to buy and import organic barberry with confidence.
For more information in this regard, you can contact the sales and trading unit of Barberry Artin.
You can also message us on WhatsApp:

How to get the Prices of Organic Barberries

Prices of Organic Barberries

As you know, organic barberry has a higher price than non-organic barberry.
This is due to the processing costs and tests that are performed on the products every year.

Other criteria also have a direct impact on the price of organic barberry, which is related to the quality of the product.
The most important of these features are:

  1. Barberry type
  2. Moisture content
  3. Amount of foreign matter (gravel, twigs, leaves, etc.)
  4. The amount of tail
  5. Immaturity rate

The normal and standard percentages of each of these cases are well defined and should not be exceeded.
Obviously, the price of the product depends on these parameters and so many other parameters that are important for the buyers.
You can make direct contact with the Artin Iranian Zereshk Company to buy barberries with no pesticides.

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