Iranian Pistachio in Jordan | Best Available Varieties

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Iranian Pistachio in Jordan | Best Available Varieties

Iranian pistachio in Jordan is available mostly in bulk. If you want to import pistachios, you need to know the best available varieties.

Pistachio exports to Jordan have been very attractive to traders and merchants in recent years.
The price difference between Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Fandoghi, and Kaleghouchi pistachios of Iran and this country has been able to create good profitability for exporters/importers.

By the way, Iran has no direct trade relations with Saudi Arabia. Therefore, some Jordan merchants purchase Iranian pistachio products and re-export them to Saudi Arabia.
Obviously, this is a profitable business until Iran has no direct trade relations with Saudi Arabia.

As you know, Iran is one of the largest producers of pistachios in the world.
Pistachios are available in various types in different provinces of Iran and are available in international markets according to the needs of each market.
The variety of pistachio types and on the other hand different quality classes have increased the purchase options so that the best product is selected according to the market conditions and its export affairs are done.

In this article, we try to provide you with the necessary information about choosing the best Iranian pistachio products for export/import to Jordan.

The Best Iranian Pistachios for Export to Jordan

We know that a large number of pistachio products available in Iran are for export to other countries.
Pistachio exports to Jordan also account for part of Iran’s exports.
You may be wondering what kind of pistachios are popular in Jordan.

The people of this country are generally interested in pistachios.
The following pistachios are the most common varieties in Jordan.

Akbari, AhmadAghaei, and Badami Pistachios are good for Jordan market.
All these varieties are in the category of LONG pistachio nuts

In fact, high quality and expensive pistachios are in use by people in this country. Here we must mention an important point. The purchase volume of pistachios in this country is not high. But on the other hand, Iranian pistachio kernels and slices are very popular in this country. For this reason, they will buy a very large volume of Iranian pistachio kernels and slices.

In exporting to these countries, we must pay attention to various points. In the following sections, we will refer to other important points about buying and processing pistachios.

Pistachio Processing and Packaging according to market needs

One of the most important parts of selling pistachios is its processing and packaging.
This packaging should be according to the needs of the markets of pistachio importing countries.
Most of the sales and exports of Iranian pistachios are in bulk.

But on the other hand, we see that some other countries are considering special packaging. In general, we need to look at the target country in order to have the best sales in that country.

Regarding pistachio processing, we must pay attention to various points. Some countries may want high-salt pistachios, while others may consider aflatoxin-free pistachios. Some others may have interests in low-salt roasted pistachio nuts.

Therefore, before each purchase, we must thoroughly examine our target country from various aspects. We also use bulk packaging for export to Jordan. This country uses this packaging due to the production of various products by pistachio slices, pistachio kernels, and pistachio powder.

Lowest Possible Price for Import Iranian Pistachio to Jordan

We all know that the best place to buy agricultural products is the producer of that product. Pistachios and their valuable products are no exception. But here we have to point out important points.

Due to the advancement of technology, we are witnessing the wholesale and purchase of pistachios online. This has two major advantages.

  1. Reduce the cost of products
  2. More profit for pistachio traders due to reduced business side costs

In fact, you make your purchases from the center of production, but the cost of the products will be lower for you. The Artin company is one of the collections that has been very active in the field of online wholesales of pistachios and its products.

Due to its numerous relationships, this group tries to reduce the price and increase the quality of its products. These two characteristics are the same parameters that are of great importance for any trader.

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