Iranian Pomegranate Seed Barberries | Done Anari Dried Zereshk

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Pomegranate Seed Barberries

Iranian Pomegranate Seed Barberries | Done Anari Dried Zereshk

The Cheaper type of Iranian Barberries is Pomegranate Seed Barberries. It’s Persian name is ” Done Anari Zereshk “. It’s dried variety of berberis vulgaris.

Pomegranate Seed Barberries produce in bulk for export in large quantities.
The main production center of this type (Done Anari Persian Zereshk) is Southern Khorasan.

The best options for bulk purchase of export quality barberry at a competitive price are the active producers of Birjand and Gha’enat cities of Southern Khorasan.

In the following, we will discuss how to produce and export dried barberries.

Dried Pomegranate Seed Barberries Production

Pomegranate Seed BarberriesPomegranate seed barberries require a shorter processing time than puffy barberry (Another type of Iranian Zereshk).

During the barberry harvest season, which usually begins in October, the barberry separates from the tree.
At this stage, either barberry fruits separates by vibration and impact, or the farmer separates the branches full of barberries.

After the barberry fruits are almost detached from the branch (in first method), they will be spread out in the open.

In most cases, the products place in direct sunlight. In the period of one to two weeks, the process of drying the pomegranate seed barberries, these products turn upside down several times (by the farmer).
The reason for this is to prevent mold on the lower barberries.

The barberries then process in factories and mills to separate the other wastes from the barberry seeds in different lines.

branch and leaf pruning, brewing and manual sorting are the most important processes in the processing of pomegranate seed barberries after drying.
In fact, All of these processes are doing for sorting the product for removing all foreign materials.

After all these steps, our pomegranate seed barberries are ready to packing for the market.

Done Anari Zereshk Features

Pomegranate Seed BarberriesGiven that a significant amount of Iranian pomegranate barberry is using for export, some parameters must be measured in it.

Russia, Turkey, Iraq and European pharmaceutical companies are among the main buyers of Done Anari Persian Zereshk exported from Iran.
Of course, for each of these countries, there are certain parameters that may be more important to others.

For example, European pharmaceutical companies, especially Germany, want to wash barberry with water after processing, which is very costly and dangerous (in terms of crupption). But in some active Iranian barberry export companies, this is doing in full.
The main parameters and features of buying pomegranate seed barberries are as follows:

  • Humidity percentage (maximum 16%)
  • Low amount of foreign materials (maximum 1% according to standard 3337)
  • Barberries with tail on them
  • Premature and immature rate
  • Crush and Bruised percentage

The above are the most important criteria in the sale of barberry seeds exported from Iran.

The most important feature of pomegranate seed barberries is their darker color than other types.
Dried Done Anari Persian Zereshks are ready to sell in large quantities in domestic and export markets almost every year since November.

Special Packaging for Pomegranate Seed Barberries Export

Pomegranate Seed BarberriesIn order to export the barberry product, packaging in bulk is different with domestic market and there are various ways for it.

For example, some Turkish and Russian customers want to buy barberry in cartons without any wrapping.
However, some customers in mentioned countries or more European countries do not consider direct contact of barberry with cartons to be approved from a health point of view.

On the other hand, if barberries trap in plastic, they will sweat quickly and then the risk of pest infestation will increase.
For this reason, many trials and errors have been made in this matter over the years.

Artin Barberry Factory was the first company to use fabrics and covers with special quality.
These packages have the ability to pass air, so barberries does not suffer from closed sweat in any way.

Once sealed, these envelopes will place in cartons and will be ready to ship to the destination country.

Iran Customs Procedure for Export Barberries

Pomegranate Seed BarberriesThe remarkable thing about barberry is that it has not been subject to mandatory standards to date. In fact, countries are not that familiar with this product yet.
This has made customs clearance very easy for export/import.

Of course, the representative of Jihad-e-Agriculture of Iran performs the usual tests of the goods and issues a phytosanitary certificate for the product.

After that, you need to get a certificate of origin from the Chamber of Commerce, which must be obtained by the business cardholder after the product is declared at customs.

For more details, you can contact the consultants of Barberry Artin Collection or send your message by clicking on the image below in WhatsApp right now.

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