Iranian Red Barberries to Purchase | Dried Barberry Wholesale

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Red Barberries

Iranian Red Barberries to Purchase | Dried Barberry Wholesale

Iran is the main producer of Red Barberries for the world’s wholesale market. Here we tell you how to purchase Iranian barberry directly?

Obviously, Purchasing Iranian dried red barberries from the producer cause better prices.
Iranian barberry is one of the products of Birjand and Gha’en in South Khorasan province.
You can buy this product in bulk at a reasonable price from the Artin Production Company.
Shipping to the destination country is what we do in this company. Keep reading this article to know more about Iranian barberries and the Artin company.

Iranian Barberries Harvest Season

Barberries Harvest Season

The barberry harvest season begins in late September each year and continues till the final days of November.
Barberries harvest in different regions of South Khorasan province are different from each other for a few days.

In some areas, this process lasts until November.
October and November are the best time to buy bulk fresh red barberry fruits.

The sale of fresh barberry is often for producing jams and syrups, which account for a significant volume.
Sometimes, Fresh barberry sales as fresh fruit because of its sour taste but it’s most common in Iran, not other countries.

After harvesting, the barberry drying process begins.
We must inform you that pomegranate seed red barberry has the shortest drying process.

There are two main varities of dried barberries in the market. first one is Pomegranate Seed Red Barberries and the other one is Puffy Red Barberries.
Puffy Barberry calls “Pofaki Zereshk” in Iran and Pomegranate Seed barberry calls “Anari Zereshk”.

In other words, to prepare Anari Zereshk, red barberries place in direct sunlight.
While the crop is under the sun, it turns upside down every day or every other day to dry all the fruits evenly.

Once the barberry moisture has reached normal and standard, it is time to start the next process.
The next step is: Separating tails and leaves and also any additional foreign materials, including gravels.

The barberries are then ready to pack in cartons, which is often doing according to customer orders.

Iranian Dried Red Barberries to Purchase in Bulk

Dried Red Barberries

The best time to buy the best quality red barberry is when the barberries in most areas are ready.
In other words, when a large volume of barberry comes in the domestic market and the market thirst reduces, price balances and it is a good time to buy barberry.

Pomegranate barberry has a higher sales volume than other types of barberry.
The main reason for this is its cheaper price in comparison with puffy barberries.

To buy barberry, you can contact the active production units in southern Khorasan province of Iran.
Or procure the required barberry through barberry wholesale markets across the country.

Buying from these markets has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Barberries Wholesale Market in Iran

Barberries Wholesale Market

There are many wholesale markets across the country (Iran) that sell Khorasan orchard products in bulk.

But the markets that determine the price or in other words the main markets for the wholesale of barberry are active in South Khorasan province and then Khorasan Razavi.

The largest barberry wholesale markets in these provinces are:

  • Birjand
  • Qaen
  • Zirkuh
  • Arianshahr
  • Mashhad

In each of these markets, production and processing units are located and offer their products in large quantities in the market.
Artin production company is known as one of the barberry market activists in Iran. This company produces red barberries to produce various products:

  • Frozen barberry fruits
  • Pomegranate Seed dried barberry
  • Puffy dried barberry
  • Barberry juices and jams
  • Barberry Concentrate

In this factory, products prepare for both domestic and export sales in accordance with the necessary standards.

Red Barberries Price

Red Barberries Price

The price of dried barberry in Birjand and Ghaen markets is more appropriate than other wholesale markets.
Of course, in determining the price, one must be careful about the quality of the product.

In determining the quality and price of barberry, the following parameters should be considered, especially in bulk purchases:

  • Being clean (No dust on the barberries and no foreign materials)
  • Moisture content
  • Uniformity of color
  • Size of barberries
  • packaging
  • Percentage of prematurity and squeezed barberries

All of the above should carefully weigh and measure at the time of purchase.

In import/export, for customers who request a health certificate or laboratory analysis, These certificates obtain by Artin company from the relevant organizations.
You can contact the sales department right now to know the daily price of red barberry in the Artin collection.

Call us nowOr fill out the relevant forms on the website so that our colleagues can contact you as soon as possible.

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