Iranian Red Dates Jujube Fruits for Sale

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Iranian Red Dates

Iranian Red Dates Jujube Fruits for Sale

Iranian Red Dates are known as Persian Anab or Onnab in the wholesale market. The Artin company presents jujube fruits for sale in bulk.

The price of Iranian red dates jujube, which is a product of Iran, depends on several factors.
The most important characteristics of dried jujube are its size (large or small) and color.
In this article, we will examine the factors affecting the price of jujube for sale in bulk.

Parameters Affecting the Jujube Price

Parameters Affecting the Jujube Price

In buying and selling jujube, important parameters are effective in determining the quality of this product.
Given that the red jujube production center of Iran is in South Khorasan province, a large volume of transactions of this product is in this province.

In the central parts of South Khorasan province, the volume of jujube production is much higher.
The main criteria for determining the quality of jujube are as follows:

  • Jujube size (small or large product)
  • Jujube color (from dark red to light red)
  • The rate of wrinkles
  • Percentage of pests
  • Percentage of meat to jujube kernels
  • packing

All of the above directly affects the quality of jujube and consequently, the price of red dates jujube.
Another factor that determines the price of jujube is the amount of demand and supply in the market.
The lower the supply, the higher the price.

In other words, in the years when there is a drought or the weather conditions are such that the production of South Khorasan province decreases, most of the prices are increasing.
But in rainy years, the price of dried Iranian red dates jujube usually does not change much.

On the other hand, because this product is not very export-oriented, its sales volume in other markets will not be very effective on price.
But on the other hand, in the cold seasons of the year, the demand for dried red jujube in Birjand increases in the domestic markets.

Artin Iranian Red Dates Wholesale

Artin Iranian Red Dates Wholesale

One of the companies that produce and sells fresh and dried jujube is Artin jujube company.
At Artin Jujube Wholesale Center, products are usually sorted by size first.

The daily price of red dates jujube is dependent on 7 different grades in this company.
The 5 basic codes are for medium and large jujube fruits (using for sale as nuts and snacks).
2 final codes are medicinal jujubes that are suitable for powders. Actually, this medicinal jujube name comes from the consumption of this quality of jujube for medicinal purposes.

This type of classification belongs to this production unit and other jujube production units have their own criteria for selling jujube.
In the same coding, the jujube code is also dependent on the color and the number of wrinkles.

Most of the sales volume of this collection (The Artin Co.) is to wholesale markets all over the world.
Canada, Qatar, India, England, and Iraq markets have the highest volume of jujube purchases.

Especially in the autumn and winter seasons, jujube consumption increases in some countries.

Small and Large Size Jujube Supply

Small and Large Size Jujube Supply

As mentioned in the previous section, jujube is available in different codings in the Artin collection.
That is why it is very easy for customers to choose a product according to these codes.

This issue has caused the customers of this production unit to make their purchase with confidence next time after purchasing and getting acquainted with jujube codes.

If your purchase volume is more than 2 tons or you need to import jujube, be sure to get the competitive price of these products from our sales department.

If you are in the countries of Canada and Germany, this company has solutions to reduce your costs.
Be sure to get the necessary tips from our colleagues in the sales department in this regard.

Iranian Red Dates Export/Import

Iranian Red Dates Export/Import

Some Iranian jujube is in use for export.
Iraq, Pakistan, Canada, and Qatar are buyers of Iranian jujube.

Small size dried Iranian jujube is widely in use in the Indian market especially for the production of Tamarind products.
But China is also one of the producers of jujube in the world.

In this country, products with very large sizes with detachable cores are available.
In fact, the product variety in China is different from Iran.

Chinese jujube has a very large market around the world and this has made it difficult for Iranian jujube to compete.
But Iranian jujube has been well received in various markets.
If you want to export jujube, you can make the bulk purchase of your product through the Artin jujube production company.

All jujube sorting and sieving workshops of this company are operating in Iran.
Meanwhile, the commercial and contract office of this production unit is in the holy city of Mashhad.

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