Iranian Seedless Barberry Price and Varieties

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Iranian Seedless Barberry Price and Varieties

Iranian Seedless Barberry Price and Varieties

Iranian seedless barberry is available in international markets in two main varieties. There is an affordable price for red-seedless Zereshk.

For recieving price and also knowing about the varieties of Iranian seedless barberry, you can contact the Artin Zereshk company:

As you may know, the main center and orchards of Iranian red and seedless barberry production is in the South Khorasan province.
So that more than 96% of red barberry production belongs to this province of the country.
South Khorasan province is the center of barberry and saffron production in the world.

But you should consider that there are two main varieties of Iranian seedless and red barberry for wholesale in the market.

Iranian Seedless and Red Barberry

Iranian Seedless and Red BarberryThere are two main types of Iranian barberry in the market:

  • At first, Black Barberry
  • Secondly, Red Barberry

Black barberry has dark fruits and has seeds.
Also, Black barberry grows in the forest and in the highlands.
This product has a very low production and harvest volume and is often in use to produce beverages.
Blackberry is commonly in use to make pastes, syrups and jams. This product mostly grows in the heights of Shahroud and Bojnourd.

But the seedless type and the main production of Iranian barberry is in the South Khorasan province.
There are barberry orchards in this production area and its mature tree has a height of 3 to 5 meters and most of the barberry production orchards have been built in this reagion.

The best varieties are available according to color and size in different regions according to weather conditions.
Farmers in this province are often planting and producing barberry, saffron and jujube.

It is the 3 main and strategic products of South Khorasan province and has brought good currency to the country in the past years.
In recent years, due to the growth of exports of Iranian barberry in world markets, every year we see an increase in the area under barberry cultivation.
Various manufacturers are increasing their production capacity to be able to respond to the international market.

Artin Barberry Wholesale Center

Artin Barberry Wholesale CenterVarious producers are active in the field of Iranian Zereshk processing in Khorasan province.
The main wholesale markets of this product are in Birjand, Ghaen, Mashhad and Tehran.

Obviously, each of these markets has its own advantages, which are available in other articles on the website.
However, a limited number of companies are active in the production of export-quality products due to health analyzes or residual testing of toxins and pesticides.

The main reason is the higher overhead costs that some manufacturers do not do.
One of the main exporters of barberry in Khorasan province is the Artin barberry production company.
In this company, which is the Khorasan province of Iran, barberry is available in different qualities for sale in international markets.

In this industrial unit, barberry is in different bulk packages according to customers’ needs.
This eliminates the need to change the packaging. Packaging usually needs to be changed when you buy from a general wholesale market.
This is especially the case with puffy barberry, which damages the puffiness of the product and increases the possibility of weight loss.

But these problems do not arise when the manufacturer packages the product according to the customer’s needs from the beginning.

Iranian Seedless Barberries Price

Iranian Seedless Barberries PriceThe price of barberry is usually dependemt on its production market, ie Khorasan Province of Iran.
But the wholesale markets of Mashhad and Tehran also have a direct impact on price determination.

Barberry is a product whose various appearance and laboratory parameters affect its price.
The most important appearance parameters are color, packaging, size and total load (quantity).

But some common laboratory parameters set out in FDA Standard 3337 of Iran are as follows:

  • At first, Moisture content
  • Secondly, The percentage of barberries with tail on them
  • The amount of foreign matter
  • The amount of ash
  • Finally, unifirmity of type and variety

All these factors are effective in determining the price, the main of which is the amount of moisture and appearance parameters of the product.

Also, to receive the price of barberry for export/import, you can contact the sales experts of the Artin Company right now.

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