Iranian Small Size Unab | Wholesale with Low Price

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Iranian Small Size Unab | Wholesale with Low Price

Iranian small size Unab has a low price in wholesale centers of Iran. The main market for Iranian jujube is in Khorasan province.

It is usually possible to buy dried jujube in all seasons because it has a longer shelf life than fresh jujube.
The fresh jujube harvest season starts in early August in Iran.
Fresh jujube has a shelf life of about two to three weeks after harvest. While dried jujube has a shelf life of up to a year after harvest, which is why most farmers and producers harvest their products in dried form.

The dried jujube harvest season begins about a month later, approximately in early October.
The best time to buy this product is during the harvest season. It’s because all producers and farmers offer their products to the market. Therefore, you can buy products with the best price and quality at this time.

After harvesting, producers sort their jujubes by size and color. Obviously, Iranian small size Unab has the lowest price.
Also, packaging in Iran is almost always in bulk. In fact, the sale of Iranian big/small-size jujube is in bulk everywhere.

Iranian Red UNAB

The history of the Iranian jujube production belongs to the Southern parts of Khorasan province. It’s where you can find Iranian Saffron and Jujube as well.

Currently, Birjand city in South Khorasan province is the cradle of Iranian Unab production in Iran and the world because more than 95% of Iranian jujube is in this city.

This province has the best market for buying and selling products, and many representatives in the country sell jujube products in person and online.

Another wholesale city and center of jujube belong to Mashhad.
A large volume of jujubes of South Khorasan province enters the city of Mashhad as a wholesale center and this product can usually be purchased mainly from Mosalla Bazaar.
Of course, the price of jujube in Mashhad is a bit higher than Birjand.

About the quality, Iranian Unab has perfect taste. Also, Iranian jujube minerals are very rich.
Obviously, regarding these minerals, it doesn’t matter if your products are Iranian small size Unab or the big ones.
This is the reason that there are many buyers for Iranian small-size Unab fruits in their dried form. They usually use this product to make powder or to produce various herbal medicines.

Of course, the purchase price, in addition to the purchase from the production center or in the harvest season, also depends on several other factors that must be considered, including:

  • Color
  • Jujube size
  • Package type
  • The rate of wrinkles (Appearance)
  • Being healthy and pest-free

Farmers and producers usually classify their products into different categories of quality. It’s because each has a different price and according to the price requested by the buyer, products with a certain quality are awarded to buyers.

Organic jujube has a higher price than other types of jujube.
You should keep in mind that it is not possible to set a permanent price for jujube. Because not only do several factors affect the price of jujube but also the cost of transporting jujube is one of the factors that affect the final price of jujube.

Iranian Dried Jujube Fruits

Buyers can buy dried jujube in person from stores in Birjand or directly from farmers and producers of this product. And also buy non-in-person through online stores and wholesale websites.

The question that arises here is which is the best way to buy?
At first, it seems that the best way to buy is to buy directly from farmers. But you must be aware that buying from farmers is right, which is much cheaper, but farmers do not have the technology and equipment for waste separation and sorting.

The best way to buy is to buy from online wholesale stores because you can buy without intermediaries. And in this case, the cost price will be lower and you will buy your product at a lower price.
In addition, you save on other ancillary costs, such as travel and other expenses.

The Artin jujube company is a producer in South Khorasan Province. This company is a wholesaler and exporter as well. By the way, you can find them through their online wholesale website.

If you want to cooperate to buy and sell your products, you can contact the experts of Artin Trading Company.

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