Iranian Unnab Wholesale | Artin Jujube fruits

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Iranian Unnab Wholesale | Artin Jujube fruits

Iranian Unnab Wholesale | Artin Jujube fruits

Iranian Unnab Wholesale center is in Khorasan province. Artin jujube fruits are Khorasan products as well and Barberry is their product as well.

Obviously, the supply prices in the production and wholesale centers are more competitive and affordable.
First-class and big-size jujube and also small-size Unnab are both the main products of Artin company in Khorasan.

All products are for sale in bulk and in addition to the markets of different provinces of the country, export-quality products are also available for other countries.

Jujube has a lot of variety and various parameters can be considered to evaluate the quality of jujube, which we will examine in this article.

South Khorasan jujube is the best Iranian jujube in the market all over the country.

Iranian Unnab Quality Parameters

Iranian Unnab Quality Parameters

To determine the price and determine the quality of jujube, various parameters are important. in fact, there are various quality parameters not only for jujube but also for all the agricultural products.

In this regard, these criteria affect the price of Iranian Unnab at the time of purchasing products specially in bulk for wholesale.
The following are the main points that should be under consideration when buying and selling:

  • Jujube size
  • Product color (light brown jujube or liver color)
  • The degree wrinkles
  • Jujube seed size
  • Jujube taste (sweetness of the product)
  • Percentage of pests and fractures

All these factors are directly effective in grading and determining the price of jujube. Some manufacturing companies categorize jujube to make it easier for customers to choose. On the other hand, each type of jujube has different uses, and this is a step forward for sellers.

Iranian Jujube Supply

Iranian Jujube Supply

Artin jujube production company is one of the main suppliers of jujube in South Khorasan province. In this collection, jujube is available in 6 or 7 different codes. All these codes are in 2 different categories according to their use and size.

  1. Big Size Unnab: Using for nuts and dried fruits
  2. Small Size Unnab: Using for its medicinal properties

Medicinal jujube with a high percentage of wrinkles is often in use for powdering, Or it is in use to prepare various herbal medicines. The products in this category are the cheapest jujube in the wholesale market.

The other category includes medium to large jujube, which is in use for nuts (and dried fruits). Jujubes that fall into this category are smooth and have the least amount of wrinkles. The price of nut jujube is more expensive than medicinal jujube.

In Artin production company, from the harvest time (which starts in August), until July of next year, all products are available for the market in dried form. The reason is that the shelf life of dried jujube is very high.

When you are purchasing your products from the producers, you can receive the lowest possible price with confidence. Because the wholesale markets of Mashhad, Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz offer higher prices for similar jujube qualities in comparison with Khorasan. Of course, it is suitable for low volume purchases, but for bulk orders, Khorasan jujube market activists are the best option.

Artin Jujube Prices and Supply

Artin Jujube Prices and Supply

As you are aware and you can read in the previous sections, jujube has different qualities.

On the other hand, supply and demand in the market change prices in some time periods. For this reason, sometimes it is not possible to put a price list on the website.

But to get the price, Artin sales unit has different ways for you; To receive images of different codes and their prices in the shortest possible time.

You can contact one of our experts right now by clicking on the images below, either by phone or on WhatsApp.

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