Iranian Unnab Wholesaler | Artin Dried Jujube Fruits

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Iranian Unnab Wholesaler | Artin Dried Jujube Fruits

Iranian Unnab Wholesaler | Artin Dried Jujube Fruits

If you are searching for an Iranian Unnab Wholesaler, it’s better to search them in Persian like Artin dried jujube website:

Where are the center and hub of Iranian jujube production? Where to find an Iranian Unnab Wholesaler who is a producer and exporter both together?

What is the way to buy these products directly? How much is the price of jujube in the market?
In this article, we try to get familiar with the center of Iranian jujube production. And also we explain the methods of online and offline purchase of jujube fruits in bulk.

So join us to know more about Iranian Unnab (dried jujube fruit) and Artin Company as a wholesaler.

Jujube Production Center in Iran

Jujube Production Center in Iran

To answer the first question, we will look at the statistics to see which region of Iran has the highest area under jujube cultivation.

If we get a look at the Iranian organizations’ statistics, we find that more than 95% of Iran’s jujube orchards are in South Khorasan Province. Jujube is available in different parts of this province and in different markets. But the focus of production of this product is in Birjand.

People in Iran know that the Iranian jujube is a product of Khorasan; Farmers in various agricultural and rural areas are producing and processing jujube in Khorasan province.

Various jujube production, processing, and trading companies are near the location of the Iranian jujube production center.
Jujube in Birjand is available in different forms in the market, the most important of which are:

Fresh and Soft Jujube – Dried Jujube – Jujube Powder – Jujube Cubes

Each of these products is in use at specific intervals and for specific applications.
In the next section, we will get familiar with one of the main sellers of jujube in South Khorasan province; In this large company, all processes from gardening, processing, packaging, direct sales and even exports from zero to 100 are done by young people along with experienced managers.

So, if you are willing to get all this information directly from an Iranian Unnab wholesaler:

click on the image below:

Artin Iranian Unnab Wholesaler

Artin Iranian Unnab Wholesaler

According to the previous section, one of the jujube sellers who effort all the jujube affairs from A to Z in his collection is the Artin jujube production company.

In this collection, at the beginning of the jujube harvest season, fresh green and soft jujubes go for the market. And then jujube is available in dried form. The main reason for this is the longer shelf life of dried jujube.

Fresh jujube has a much shorter shelf life than dried jujube and should be stored in favorable conditions for a long time in the refrigerator.
The Artin jujubes are available in the wholesale market in different quality grades; Jujube fruits in general in Artin jujube company have 2 categories:

Medicinal jujube, which is small in size, and Nut jujube, which is big in size and uniform in shape and color.

Medicinal jujube is also in use for the production of jujube powder and jujube cubes.

The main location of Artin jujube for the production and processing of the first-class jujube is in the center of South Khorasan province, Birjand. There are various ways of communication from this city to all over Iran.

For export shipments, the Artin company provides all the documents that you need for the clearance in your country; One of the powerful teams of Artin Production Company is the trade and export department of this complex, which is very active and dynamic.

How to Recieve the Price of Jujube Fruits?

How to Recieve the Price of Jujube Fruits?

To have a price list of jujube fruits, it is necessary to first determine what kind of jujube you need.

For this, it is necessary to contact the sales department of Artin Unnab (Jujube) Company and raise your needs; Our experts will first send you pictures of different jujube codes.

After that, by selecting the type of jujube and its quality, as well as determining the volume of the order, the price of the product will be announced to you so that you can compare and then buy jujube from this company with ease.

To make a phone call, you can click on the image below and talk to one of the relevant experts.

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