Iranian Zereshk Flour | Red Barberry Powder

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Iranian Zereshk Flour | Red Barberry Powder

Iranian Zereshk Flour | Red Barberry Powder

Iranian Zereshk flour is a spice using in various foods, ice cream, sweets, and chocolates. In fact, red barberry powder is a new product.

The main supply center of red barberry powder in Iran is South Khorasan province. In fact, Khorasan is the only place in the world with barberry that have the following parameters:

  1. Seedless
  2. Red
  3. Edible

This is a special variety of Berberis Vulgaris fruit in the world.

Artin Barberry Production Company in Khorasan produces and sells the best barberry flour.
Products produced in some companies are accompanied by additives. But The Artin Iranian Zereshk flour is pure and has no preservatives and additives.

Its red and uniform color shows this and proves the above state.

Red Barberry Production Center

Red Barberry Production CenterBarberry is available in different countries, but a high percentage of it is not edible.
Hawthorn and ornamental barberry trees are mostly in use in passages and parks in East Asian countries.

But the main center of production of edible barberry is Iran.
There are two general types of edible barberry in Iran, the first of which is red barberry and has no seeds.
Another type is black barberry, which grows in the highlands without human intervention and it has seeds inside.

The production volume of black barberry is very small in comparison with orchard barberry and it is in use more for the production of beverages.
But red barberry is cultivated in a large area of ​​southern Khorasan province.

South Khorasan province is well known in the domestic and foreign markets with the names of 3 products:

Barberry – Saffron – Jujube

The best varieties of red barberry, which also have many medicinal properties, are available in the cities of this province.
Birjand is one of the main cities in the field of production, processing, and packaging of barberry and its products.
In this city, many production units are active in various fields of barberry products.

Iranian Zereshk Flour Major Supply

Iranian Zereshk Flour Major SupplyArtin Barberry Company has been active in the field of production and processing of various types of barberry for many years.
The main activity of this group is to sell various types of barberry and its products in domestic and international markets.

Exporting Iranian Zereshk flour and powder is something new in this company that you can enjoy the Artin services and qualities in this field.

In recent years, you see various barberry products of Artin company in different markets.
One of the major ones is the barberry powder.
Barberry powder has many different uses and is in use in food and pharmaceutical factories.

To produce red barberry powder, it is necessary to reduce the moisture of the product.

Barberry powder is in use in the form of cubes, pills, and various methods in domestic and foreign markets.
Due to the therapeutic uses of this product, no additives are in use in the Artin production company.

Although this slightly increases the stickiness of barberry powder, it is completely healthy and 100% pure barberry.
In the production of barberry powder, we try to use the best types of barberry, not the waste and low-quality barberry.

Barberry Price in Wholesale Markets

Barberry Price in Wholesale MarketsSince no substance other than barberry is in use in the production of its powder, one cannot expect a cheap price for barberry powder.
On the other hand, the moisture content of dried barberry in the market is between 10 and 16 percent, which in the powder this amount decreases.

All of this together makes barberry powder about the price of a barberry product or more.
Various companies active in the field of food and medicine are the main buyers of Artin red barberry powder.
If you need to buy bulk red barberry powder in South Khorasan, you can contact our sales department.

Call us nowAccording to your needs and also the volume of the order, they will provide you with the daily price of first-class barberry powder.

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