Iranian Zereshk for America | Red Barberry Varieties

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Iranian Zereshk for America | Red Barberry Varieties

Iranian Zereshk for America | Red Barberry Varieties

The Artin company exports Iranian Zereshk to America. There are a few varieties of red barberry that are edible and available in the market.

Puffy barberry of Iran has the largest volume of exports to the United States.
Iranian Puffy Zereshk has a bright color and a lower moisture content that is important for export to America.

But what is the price of this product in the wholesale market?
Which companies should we contact to buy barberry for export/import?

Follow us in this article to get the answers to the above questions.
We try to provide you with comprehensive information on barberry exports from Iran.

Iranian Zereshk Varieties for America

Iranian Zereshk Varieties for AmericaAs you know, Iranian red barberry is available in different types in the market.
This variety is due to differences in how barberry is dried. In fact, it depends on the drying procedure.

Because all types of red barberries are from the same type of tree and their trees are not different from each other.
The most important varieties that you need to know are the following types:

  1. Puffy Barberry (Persian Name: Zereshk Pofaki)
  2. Anari Barberry (Persian Name: Zereshk Anari)

The difference between these products is more in appearance.
Among these varieties, the markets of the United States and Canada are more familiar with Puffy barberry.

The reason for this is the light and brighter color of this product in comparison with other types of barberry.
On the other hand, the puffy shape of the fruits and also the lower moisture content are other reasons for the higher demand for this product.

Puffy barberry is also available in different regions with different qualities.
The quality of this product depends on the care of the orchards, the type of water for irrigation, and the place of drying.
That should be under consideration when buying in bulk or the supply of the product to experts.

Iranian Barberry Largest Producer

Iranian Barberry Largest ProducerIran is the largest producer of edible barberry in the world.
Barberry tree is available in many countries, but a high percentage of it is ornamental barberry. In fact, their product and fruits are not edible.

But in Iran, there are two types of edible barberry:

  • Black Barberry
  • Red barberry

The first type grows in very low volume in the heights of some cities.
To harvest and sell these products requires a license from the relevant organizations in Iran.
This type of barberry is black and has a core (seed) and its harvest is from heights every year in a very low volume.

But red (and edible) barberry is produced in high volume in eastern Iran.
South Khorasan province, known as saffron in the world, has more than 97% of red barberry production. By the way, this type of red barberry has no seed.

In this province, due to the weather conditions, barberry shrubs give very good fruits.
In this regard, the volume of barberry orchards is increasing every year.
Various cities in this province are barberry producers.

Birjand and Qaen are the largest producers of this product in Iran.
Various manufacturing companies in these cities are active in the production, processing, and packaging of barberry.
One of the companies active in this field, which also specializes in the field of export, is Artin Barberry Production Company.

Artin Barberry provides high-quality barberry at a competitive price according to the needs of customers.
In this company and factory, for export, the product should be in packages exactly according to the needs of customers.

Artin Barberries Major Purchase

Artin Barberries Major PurchaseIf you want to export/import barberry to America, one of the companies active in this field is Barberry Artin.
This group is working with a young and active team in the field of exporting the best barberries in Iran.

Products are processed and sorted, inspected to be prepared exactly according to customer orders.
After the final approval, the product is ready to be packaged according to customers’ needs.

You can contact the sales unit to receive the daily price as well as the terms of sale and how to settle accounts for export shipments.
Our partners in this department provide you with the necessary information in all fields.

In addition, if the customs formalities are performed by the Artin team, all the necessary certificates for export/import will be obtained for you in the shortest time.

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