Iranian Zereshk for Australia | Artin Berberis Vulgaris Fruit

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Iranian Zereshk for Australia

Iranian Zereshk for Australia | Artin Berberis Vulgaris Fruit

The Artin nuts and dried fruits company exports Iranian Zereshk for Australia and Canada markets. Actually, Zereshk is Berberis Vulgaris fruit.

Most of the exports and imports of Iranian Zereshk is for the two main types of this product. These two types are dried Anari barberries and dried Pofaki barberries.
Australia, Germany, Turkey, and Canada have the highest demand for this product in bulk.

Iranian barberry is one of the few edible barberries in the world.
This product is red and has no seed inside. In fact, Iranian Zereshk that you see in bulk or in small packages in Australia is one of the varieties of red and edible Berberis Vulgaris fruits.

Artin Iranian Zereshk Production Center

Artin Iranian Zereshk Production Center

Barberry production and processing are of great importance due to the increase in exports of this product.
Most of the barberry processing workshops in the country are in the South Khorasan province.
The main center of barberry production and processing is Khorasan, Iran.

The Artin company also plays a significant role in the export of Iranian barberry.
The Artin Group is trying to introduce this valuable product to other countries by exporting barberry to Asian and European countries.

Iranian Zereshk exports will be different according to the diversity of this plant and the tastes of customers in each country. Australia is a good destination for exporting barberry fruits directly from Iran.

Some countries that buy barberry to meet the medicinal needs and benefits of barberry often think of buying barberry without pesticides.
Most of Iran’s barberry exports to different countries include ANARI and POFAKI barberry fruits.

In the following sections, we will discuss and study more about these two types of barberry.

POFAKI and ANARI Barberries Wholesale

POFAKI and ANARI Barberries Wholesale

There are two main regions in Iran that are the production centers of this product.
These markets are the main markets for the sale of barberry.
The two main markets of Iran are as follows.

  1. BIRJAND City
  2. QAEN City

You may be wondering from which market you should make your purchases and we will explain in a few lines.
In the Tehran (The capital of Iran) market, the price of barberry is slightly higher than in other markets.
It can be said that the only advantage of this market in comparison with other markets is in reducing the cost of transportation and customs. In fact, Tehran is more active in the field of trading barberries and that’s why you might not search for the original production center.

Birjand is the best place to buy barberry because it is in the center of the South Khorasan province.
In this market, the price of barberry is low and it is very economical to export/import in bulk.

We must mention this important point here:

In barberry markets, the price depends on several factors.

For example, the price of barberry at harvest season is a little more than a month after harvest because the supply of barberry to the market increases after harvesting.

Prices may vary depending on market supply and demand.
Due to these price changes, be sure to contact the Artin experts to receive the barberry day price and purchase.

Export of Iranian Zereshk to Australia

Export of Iranian Zereshk to Australia

Iranian Zereshk exports revolve mostly around dried barberry varieties.
Here we are going to review and recount some important and basic differences between these two types of barberry.
The differences between ANARI and POFAKI barberries are:

Pofaki barberry is lighter in color than Anari barberry.
Anari barberry is dried in the sun by turning the barberry upside down.
But Pofaki barberry dries in the halls or barberry warehouses.
Puffy barberry has fewer fractures and is healthier due to drying on the halls.

ANARI barberry quickly separates from the branches. While Pofaki barberry hangs along its branches and is placed on the halls for more than three months.

In order to meet the needs of different consumers in other countries, the Artin company is ready to export high-quality barberry fruits.

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