Iranian Zereshk for Kuwait – Import Export

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Iranian Zereshk for Kuwait

Iranian Zereshk for Kuwait – Import Export

If you are searching for a supplier and exporter of Iranian Zereshk for import to Kuwait, It’s better to search the Khorasan province of Iran.

Zereshk is exporting to Kuwait from Iran in large volumes.
Buyers of barberry in Kuwait are very sensitive about the quality of the goods.
What is the current price of first-class Iranian barberry?

Follow us to get the answer in the following. or you can make direct contact to us by clicking on the following images:

Iranian Zereshk for Kuwait

Iranian Zereshk for Kuwait

There are different types of barberries, the most important of which are decorative barberry, hawthorn, and edible barberry.
Iran is the largest producer of edible barberry that calls “Zereshk”.

Iranian edible barberry divides into two general categories:

  • Red barberry
  • Blackberry Barberry (Wild Zereshk)

The characteristic feature of wild barberry is its black color and has a big seed inside.
This type of barberry grows in the heights and mountainous areas of the North Khorasan and Shahroud provinces.

The center of red barberry orchards and products is in South Khorasan province.
The main features of barberry in this area are the red color and the absence of seeds inside.
The production volume of red barberry is much more than black barberry and it is not comparable.

Red barberry occupies a large volume of agricultural land in southern Khorasan.
Types of red edible Iranian Zereshk that are also widely using for export to Kuwait and other countries are:

  • Pofaki Zereshk
  • Anari Zereshk

All of these barberries harvest from the same tree while differing in appearance.
The reason for this difference in the appearance of barberry is the different way of drying barberry.

Iranian Anari Zereshk requires a shorter production process while Iranian Pofaki Zereshk will take the most time to reach normal moisture.

Sale and Purchase of ANARI and POFAKI Zereshk

ANARI and POFAKI Zereshk

In addition to the domestic market, Iranian barberry is also sending to various other countries.
Barberry exports to Kuwait, which is one of the main markets for this Iranian product, is booming.

In order to export barberry to Kuwait, its market must be carefully examined.

But according to the experience of Artin Group and also the customers of this company in Kuwait, if we want to choose from among the types of barberry for export to Kuwait, puffy barberry will definitely be the first option.

In exporting Iranian Zereshk to Kuwait, if we want the price to be a little more reasonable, we can also use Puffy barberry Grade-B.
But pomegranate seed barberry (Anari) is less popular in this market because its color is darker than other types of barberry.

In other words, the quality of goods is very important for Kuwaiti customers.

Iranian Zereshk Import/Export to Kuwait

Iranian Zereshk Import to Kuwait

To export barberry to Kuwait, it is necessary to prepare the cargo with appropriate cartons (Without any writing on them).
Bulk or small shopping packages must be in accordance with the standards of Kuwait.

Having the date of production and expiration as well as weight information on the product is a necessity to send the goods to Kuwait.

There are several ways to send cargo to Kuwait in high volume, but two ways are usually using more than others:

  • Carrying out customs formalities in Iran and transporting them by container from Iranian ports to Kuwaiti ports
  • Sending cargo with Cargo lounges operating on the route from Iran to Kuwait.

The latter is often done with the passenger and has lower side costs.
In volumes below 2 tons, this route is usually used to send barberry from Iran to Kuwait.

Due to the high humidity in the route and also the warm air, packages must be used that increase the shelf life of barberry.
Or use reefer containers to transport barberry so that the product can reach the customer without changing the state.

Iranian Dried Barberries Daily Price

Iranian Dried Barberries

Barberry price is one of the important parameters in high volume purchase and export.
The best centers for receiving Persian Zereshk daily prices are active production and wholesale units in South Khorasan province.

As you know, if we want to express the price of barberry in order, it will be as follows:

  1. Pomegranate Seed Barberry (cheapest)
  2. Pofaki (Puffy Barberry )Grade B
  3. Puffy (Pofaki) Zereshk Grade A (Most Expensive)

To receive the daily price of Persian Zereshk, Be sure to contact the sales department before placing your order.
To both tell you the exact price and use the volume discounts.

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