Iranian Zereshk for Malaysia | Artin Red Barberries

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Iranian Zereshk for Malaysia

Iranian Zereshk for Malaysia | Artin Red Barberries

The Artin red barberries production company sends Iranian Zereshk for Malaysia and Australia’s markets in large quantities, especially in bulk.

Barberry exports to Malaysia are booming due to the close consumption culture of the two countries.
Sales of Iranian Zereshk to Malaysia include the two varieties of POFAKI and ANARI red barberries.

As you know, Iran is the largest producer of edible red barberry in the world.
South Khorasan province is a production center for more than 97% of the production of this product.
A large volume of Iranian Zereshk is for export from this region to Europe, Canada, and Australia.

Exporting Iranian Zereshk to Malaysia is not a big business to deal with but it’s obviously a profitable one.

How to Export/Import Barberries to Malaysia?

Import Barberries to Malaysia

Here we need to consider a few points, including the following:

1. Challenges of barberry export in terms of transportation and maintaining product quality along the way:

If the export volume is less than 2 tons, it will certainly be economical to use air delivery of the product, during which the load is usually not in a cold environment, so it is necessary to place the barberries in a carton without a bag so that the heat does not cause water droplets and rot.
In high-volume shipments, reefer containers keep barberry on the sea for a long time without any problems.

2. Suitable packaging for the sale of Iranian Zereshk in Malaysia:

Export packages are usually in the form of 8 or 10 kg cartons.
One way to increase the shelf life of barberry is to use special cloth (or fabric) bags with a specific thickness.

3. How to maintain the product to prevent pests:

Barberry should be in a cool place and the only factor that seriously damages its shelf life heat, temperatures below 14 degrees are suitable for this product.
Obviously, if you want to keep the product for longer than 3 or 4 months, you need to decrease the warehouse temperature. In fact, you need to use cold storage with a temperature between 0 to +4 degrees.

4. The best varieties of barberries for export to Malaysia:

Among the types of barberry exporting from Iran, Puffy barberry seems the best quality that is available all year round and on the other hand, has a longer shelf life and a more colorful appearance.

Barberry Wholesale Market for Malaysia

Iranian Zereshk for Malaysia

As mentioned, the highest amount of barberry production is in South Khorasan province.
In this region of the country, many manufacturing and commercial companies are active in exporting barberry to different countries.

Most production units are in the two cities of Birjand and Qa’yen.
Of course, a high percentage of these manufacturers offer their products only in the domestic market of Iran.
But a number of industrial units prepare their products only for sale in international markets.

Depending on the target country, the type and quality of barberry are different.
But the quality of red barberries should always be at its highest for export.

As the statistics of barberry exports from Iran have greatly increased from 2010 to 2021, we hope that this product will be of interest to customers in a wider volume in the coming years.

One of the active companies in the field of production, processing, and export of barberry is Artin Barberry Production company.
This collection prepares all kinds of barberry for export and its products in high volume all year round for sale in world markets.

Prices of Iranian Zereshk for Malaysia

Iranian Zereshk for Malaysia

Price is one of the important parameters for export.
For this reason, traders are always looking to buy the product directly from the producer and manufacturer.
In this regard, it tries to establish relations with production companies active in the production area.
That is quite clear to everyone.

But do not forget that the quality of the product is really important in any way.
Because some growers increase the moisture content of barberry during the final preparation.

This creates two problems.
First, barberry increases the risk of mold and mildew.
Secondly, barberry loses its moisture after a while and loses its weight.

This completely eliminates the price reduction and has no beauty aspect.
You can contact Artin Barberry Sales Unit to receive the daily price of various types of barberry.

In this collection, various types of barberry are available in different qualities and are ready to send to all parts of the world.

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