Iranian Zereshk for Syria in Bulk | Red Barberries

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Iranian Zereshk for Syria in Bulk | Red Barberries

Iranian Zereshk for Syria in Bulk | Red Barberries

If you want to purchase Iranian Zereshk for Syria, you need to know the best red barberries in Iran appropriate for selling in bulk in Syria.

Barberry exports to Syria are gradually improving after the end of the war and the conflict in this country.
Iranian Dane Anari Zereshk is a good and affordable quality Iranian barberry suitable for Syria. This type of barberry also has more juice than puffy barberries; Which makes its applications more diverse and more.

As you are aware, Iran is the main center and hub of red barberry production in the world.
The eastern and northeastern parts of the country, especially South Khorasan province, are the largest producer of red barberry in the world.
The highest area under cultivation of barberry is in Birjand, Qayen, and Sarbisheh counties, whose products are available not only in the domestic market but also in export markets.

You can read more details in this article.

Aleppo Market for Iranian Barberries

Aleppo Market for Iranian Barberries

Syria has been one of the main food markets in Iran, which will return to normal in the past few months.

Various traders and merchants are active in the field of importing all kinds of food and nuts in the Syrian market, and they offer their products in different markets of this country.

Iranian Zereshk in the Syrian market, like other Arabic-speaking countries, has various uses.
Red barberry is in use in the preparation of various foods and sweets, as well as in the production of syrups in Syria.

Red barberry of South Khorasan has many different uses.
As mentioned in the previous section, the center of barberry production in Iran is South Khorasan Province. Whose products are almost available all over the world.

Iranian Zereshk exports from Iran are really increasing and improving significantly. And various Iranian and non-Iranian companies have this product in their dried fruit basket to introduce and sell in various markets.

Different Asian, European, and American countries buy Iranian barberry in different types and qualities.

How to Purchase Iranian Zereshk for Syria

How to Purchase Iranian Zereshk for Syria

To export/import barberry to Syria, the product must be hygienically acceptable for the customs of the destination country; After the inspections, the ministry of health issues the healthcare certificate. And also you need a Phytosanitary certificate for your clearance in Syria.

In order for barberry to receive a Phytosanitary certificate in Iran, the product’s parameters should be according to Standard 3337. This is an Iranian standard that shows and approves the quality of barberries.

Due to the situation in the Middle East, unfortunately, there are no various routes to send goods from Iran to Syria.
For this reason, exporters often have to send their goods only one way. This route passes through the north of Iraq.

Therefore, the only and main export route from Iran to Syria through Iraq is on land. Over the past year, various transport companies have re-launched their land-based shipping services on this route.

To inquire about shipping costs, you can contact various shipping companies across the country. In fact, They can fully explain the terms and conditions of shipping.

Iranian Barberries Wholesale Price in Bulk

Iranian Barberries Wholesale Price in Bulk

Obviously, If you want to receive any product with its best quality at the best price, you need to find its producer. This is true especially when your purchase has high quantities.

Various industrial units are operating in this field in Iran and sell their products in the markets of different countries.

One of the main exporters of red barberry in the Iranian market is the Artin Barberry Company.
In this company, various types of Iranian Zereshk are available in different qualities for export to other countries especially Syria.

The Syrian market is currently the most in-demand for Anari barberry. But in some areas where the bright color of barberry is very important, they prefer to buy puffy barberry at a higher price.

In Artin production company, all types of barberry are available. And all are at competitive prices in the markets of different Syrian cities, including Aleppo and Damascus.

To receive the price list of barberry, you can contact one of Artin barberry’s sales experts right now.

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