Iranian Zereshk in America | Import Barberries to the USA

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Iranian Zereshk in America | Import Barberries to the USA

Iranian Zereshk in America | Import Barberries to the USA

There is a good market for Iranian Zereshk in America. But it’s difficult to import barberries with the origin of Iran to the USA and Canada.

The price of Iranian barberry, as one of the best products of Khorasan province for export to the United States, is important.
Khorasan province is the main producer of Red-Edible Berberis Vulgaris fruits in the world.

If you want to import barberries and sell Iranian Zereshk in America, you should know the taste and quality-parameters of this product.
For example, a bright color, puffy shape, uniformity of size, and uniformity of shape are the first parameters for good barberry.

Sale of Iranian Zereshk in America

Sale of Iranian Zereshk in America

Various American companies are looking to buy different types of barberry fruits in bulk.
These companies put these products in small packages (usually weighing 8, 10, and 12 pounds) and sell it in chain stores in different states.
This method brings tremendous added value to these companies.

It is noteworthy that since the price difference between Iranian Zereshk in Iran and the United States is very high, most traders buy this product from Iran along with other nuts.

The diversity of barberries in Iran is another major reason for the increase in exports/imports of this strategic product to the United States and other countries such as Germany and Canada.

Among the main barberry varieties in Iran, the most barberry sales to the United States belong to POFAKI Zereshk.
In addition to having a bright color, this product has other features that we will discuss in the following:

  • Low crushing percentage
  • Less moisture than other types of barberry
  • Absence of ash in the experiment
  • Puffy shape
  • Uniformity of shape
  • More durability and shelf life

Due to these characteristics, Iranian POFAKI Zereshk has many buyers in America, Germany, France and Canada.
Of course, due to the tensions between Iran and the USA, direct sending/export/import has been reduced for several years to the extent that it can be declared zero.

But in other ways, Iranian barberries reach the American market, which we will discuss later.

Iranian Zereshk Wholesale for Import to America

Iranian Zereshk Wholesale for Import to America

Price is always very important in barberry exports/imports due to the high volume of orders.
The price of export-quality barberry is higher than that of barberry in the domestic market.
The reason for this is more precision in processing and sorting Iranian Zereshk when it’s for export to America or other countries.

The price of barberry in Khorasan province, as the center of barberry production in Iran, depends on various parameters.
The most important and main parameter is the type of barberry. The types of barberries for export from Iran are as follows:

  • Anari Barberry
  • Pofaki Barberry

Puffy or Pofaki barberry is more expensive than the other type.
You can see some criteria for the price of barberry below.

Color – Size – Moisture – Uniformity – Cleanliness (no blades, leaves, wood, etc.) – Puffyness

Some other parameters such as ash and bruised (squeezed) percentage are also important for the standards of the Food and Drug Administration for this product. Obviously, for these parameters, we need to test the barberries in the laboratory.

To receive the daily price of various types of Iranian Zereshk (suitable for export to America), you can contact the Artin Barberry Commercial Sales Unit. Use the following links and icons by clicking them and messaging us directly:

In this Company, all production, processing and packaging processes are complete.

How to Import Iranian Barberries to the USA?

How to Import Iranian Barberries to the USA?

Due to the political problems between Iran and the United States, direct delivery of goods has problems.
Although sending food has been easy in recent years, direct communication has become much less common in recent years.

For this reason, various ways to send barberry from Iran to the United States are available for traders.
There are three main ways to export barberry from Iran to the United States and they are common:

  • Sending barberry from Iran to Pakistan and then exporting from this country to the United States
  • Send barberry from Iran to UAE and then export to USA (Cross Stuffing and Switch B/L)
  • Sending barberries from Iran to Canada and then re-export to the United States

The third case is common in very high volumes. The reason for this claim is the increase in the volume of Iranian barberry exports to Canada.
By the way, if you check these options you will notice that all these options are in fact, using a third party to re-export Iranian Zereshk to USA.

Iranian Customs and Chamber of Commerce statistics show an increase in the volume of barberry shipments from Iran to Canada in the last 4 years.
This is the reason for the high price of barberry in the market of different US states.
Because barberry reaches the United States from Iran indirectly.

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