Iranian Zereshk in Iraq | Artin Dried Red Barberries

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Iranian Zereshk in Iraq

Iranian Zereshk in Iraq | Artin Dried Red Barberries

Iranian Zereshk in Iraq is a famous product. But where to buy it? How much does it costs you when you buy Artin dried red barberries?

For wholesale and supply of barberry for export/import to Iraq, we must carefully examine its market.
In the Iraqi market, both Iranian Pofaki and Anari Zereshk have many buyers and the volume of use of this product is significant.

Due to the political-trade relations between Iran and Iraq, the volume of economic exchanges has been very good in recent years. And one of the products of interest to Iraqi traders and markets is Iranian Red Zereshk.

As you know, the main origin and center of Iranian barberry production is the South Khorasan province.
In these areas, the 4 crops of saffron, barberry, pistachio, and jujube are the main agricultural products. And every year a significant amount of Iranian products are in use for export to all parts of the world.
You might know about Iranian Zereshk in Iraq because Iraq is a good market for this product.

Iranian Zereshk in Iraq

Iranian Zereshk in Iraq

If we want to recount the name of one of the main importers of Iranian barberry, we will undoubtedly refer to Iraq.
Due to its location and the high number of pilgrims, this country consumes a large amount of Iranian barberry.
Now you may be wondering what kind of barberry is suitable for export to this country.
The point is that both Iranian Anari and Pofaki Zereshk are of interest in Iraq markets.

Areas such as Iraqi Kurdistan, Najaf, and Baghdad are the most important consumers of Iranian Zereshk in Iraq.
According to the taste and purchasing power, the people of these areas buy their favorite barberry.
But wholesalers in Baghdad and Najaf are focusing more on lower-priced Anari dried red barberries.

In the following sections, we have important explanations about the type of packaging approved by Iraq and the direct purchase from Iranian manufacturers.

Red Barberry Packaging for Iraq

Barberry Packaging for Iraq

As we found out in the previous section, Iraq is one of the most important and largest importers of Iranian barberry.
But one of the most important issues in exporting to this country is the type of barberry packaging.

In general, Bulk packages (7 to 10 Kg cartons) are the most common packaging for barberries. In fact, this is the common packaging for exporting Iranian dried red barberries from Iran to Iraq.
But, we should point out a very important issue about this packaging:
For export to Iraq, important information such as production date, expiration date, and place of origin must be written on the cartons.
This is not meant to be labeled on all cartons, but this information should be printed on cartons containing barberry.

Of course, contacting the main manufacturers in order to print on cartons and buy at low prices is one of the problems of traders.
In the next section, we have more details about this topic for you. We hope you enjoy reading this article.

Purchasing Iranian Dried Red Barberry Directly

Iranian Dried Red Barberry

One of the most important problems for traders to import to Iraq is finding the main producers of barberry.
We all know that barberry producers are abundant in South Khorasan Province. But it is a bit difficult to find the main producers.

Artin Company is one of the companies that with its 7-years history in this field is able to solve the problems that traders were involved with.

With its structure and online wholesales, this collection is able to reduce the cost of its products.
On the other hand, with a simple contact with the consultants of Artin company, you are able to communicate with the main producers of Iranian barberry and make your purchase with the highest speed and quality.

If we want to mention the features of this collection, we will name the following.

  • Reducing the cost of products
  • Convenience in shopping
  • Fast Purchase
  • Purchase from major manufacturers

To buy, receive the current price, or export the desired product, especially the import of barberry to Iraq:

You can contact the consultants of Artin Dried Red Barberry Company.
Artin consultants are by your side so that you can experience a convenient and fast purchase.

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