Iranian Zereshk in Uzbekistan | Artin Red Barberry Fruit

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Iranian Zereshk in Uzbekistan | Artin Red Barberry Fruit

Iranian Zereshk in Uzbekistan | Artin Red Barberry Fruit

If you are searching for an exporter of Iranian Zereshk to Uzbekistan, check the Artin red barberry company as an Iranian dried fruit supplier.

Red barberry is available in Uzbekistan in large quantities but there is a big market for Iranian Zereshk in Uzbekistan wholesale markets.
You can get the best Iranian barberry at a cheap price from the producers of South Khorasan province.

Fortunately, the route of sending barberry from Iran to Uzbekistan is also easy and short.
Khorasan Province, on the other hand, has land and rail shipping routes to Uzbekistan, not only for export/import of Iranian Zereshk but also for other agricultural products.

In the following, we will get familiar with different types of red barberry exporting from Iran to Uzbekistan.

Iranian Red Barberry Fruit Production Center

Iranian Red Barberry Fruit Production Center

When we hear the name of Iranian Zereshk, we undoubtedly remember the South Khorasan Province.
This province has the highest production of barberry in the country and even in the world and is the center of barberry production in Iran.
In fact, this region is the center of edible-red barberry production all around the world.

Due to the high harvest and high production volume of this region, there are a lot of workshops and even processing factories in this region.
Barberry is really profitable for the people of this province, and many people in this province work in this field.

In the following sections, we have much information about Iranian Zereshk exports, especially exports to Uzbekistan.

One of the Barberry Exporters in Khorasan

One of the Barberry Exporters in Khorasan

Many companies and workshops in South Khorasan are active in barberry processing.
Artin company is also one of the collections that work in the field of production, sale, and export of Iranian Zereshk to other countries including Uzbekistan.

There are two main advantages in cooperating with this company.

This company processes and prepares all the barberry fruits according to the order of buyers.
The Artin company is a producer of Iranian Zereshk that can present affordable prices because of its production.

In general, not only the quality of the barberry is ideal, but also the cost of the product is affordable in comparison with the price.
For advice and buying different types of barberry, you can contact the sales consultants of Artin company.

Iranian Zereshk Wholesale for Import to Uzbekistan

Iranian Zereshk Wholesale for Import to Uzbekistan

A large amount of barberry in South Khorasan province is in use for the export market.
In this section, we will explain the export of barberry to Uzbekistan for key and important points.
It shares the Commonwealth with countries such as Russia and Kazakhstan.

The main varieties of barberry for Export/import to Russia and Uzbekistan are POFAKI and ANARI Iranian Zereshk.
These barberries are of higher quality than other types of barberry.

For a country like Uzbekistan, barberry juice and barberry price are very important.
For this reason, most of the shipments to this country are ANARI variety, and the selection of this barberry is ideal for export to Uzbekistan.

Shipments sent to this country are generally sent in two ways.

  1. Land transportation
  2. Rail Transportation

Obviously, rail transportation is affordable for higher quantities than 20 Tons.
For this reason, Trucks are a better option for sales that have a smaller volume.

In the next section, we will share more information about exports/imports to Uzbekistan with you.

How about the Iranian Zereshk Price in Uzbekistan?

How about the Iranian Zereshk Price in Uzbekistan?

One of the important parameters for barberry export is its cost and price.
Generally, for export to any country, these items are effective in determining the final price of barberry.
Exports of barberry to Uzbekistan are no exception to this point.

The most important and basic parameters for determining the price of barberry are the following.

  • Barberry variety for export
  • Volume and the quantity of the purchase
  • Time of purchase
  • How to send
  • How to pack barberry fruits

No special packaging is in use for export to Uzbekistan.
Barberry sent to this country is often sent in 10 kg cartons in bulk.

According to these indicators, you can get the price of barberry you need for export.
For more information, you can contact the Artin Dried Fruit Trading Consultants.
Just click on the icon below right now and contact one of the collection consultants.

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