Iranian Zereshk Major Supply | Dried Barberries

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Iranian Zereshk Major Supply

Iranian Zereshk Major Supply | Dried Barberries

The Artin company’s website is an Iranian Zereshk major supply center. Dried barberries have two different varieties of quality and appearance.

Khorasan in Iran is the main market for buying and selling barberry in high quantities and large volumes of several companies and websites that offer high qualities.
High-quality Iranian Zereshk is one of the best and highest quality barberries producing in the world.
In fact, Iran is the only producer of red-seedless barberries of edible varieties.

Iranian Dried Barberries Varieties

Iranian Dried Barberries Varieties

The main center of production and planting Iranian barberry is in the Khorasan province of Iran.
To be more precise, in the south of Khorasan province, the largest volume of barberry production is doing.
Almost all the farmers of this region have orchards of Persian Zereshk.

In each of these areas, depending on the weather conditions, water type, and farmers’ knowledge, products are producing in different qualities.
There are different ways to diagnose high-quality barberries in Khorasan, which we will discuss in the following.

All types of barberry in South Khorasan harvest from one type of shrub.

But the drying and processing methods cause dried barberry to prepare for the market in various varieties.
The most important and best-selling types of dried barberry in Khorasan are:

  • Puffy Shape Barberries (Iranian Dried Pofaki Zereshk)
  • Pomegranate Seed Shape Barberries (Iranian Dried Anari Zereshk)
Notice: The major supply of each variety for each customer depends on the customer's consumption.

The drying process of Pomegranate shape barberry is about 1 month and puffy shape barberry is more than 3 months.

One of the salient features of pomegranate seed shape barberry is that it is juicy.
On the other hand, the main parameter of puffy shape barberry is its puffy light color.

Artin Iranian Zereshk Major Supply Online

Iranian Zereshk Major Supply

You can find many websites in the field of buying and selling barberry, wholesale, and retail.
There are barberry store or market websites available in all countries.

But Artin Barberry Production company has created this website to establish direct communication between farmers and buyers.
The website of the Artin Company is known as one of the top websites in this field due to the welcome of customers in the past few years.

The main work of the activists of this group is only the major supply of Iranian Zereshk varieties.
Persian Anari and Pofaki Zereshk in this company are ready for domestic and export customers in high quantities all year round.

Several workshops and factories under the supervision of this company are active in processing and cleaning various types of barberry.

Iranian Zereshk Major Supply in Bulk

Iranian Zereshk Major Supply

For bulk purchases from any of the sales centers or websites, it is necessary to examine the quality characteristics of barberry.

The most important and main factors in determining the quality and price of the product are:

  • Clean and uniform product
  • Freshness and good taste
  • No foreign materials
  • No tails on the barberry fruits
  • Suitable packaging
  • Standard moisture percentage
  • Light color

In export, the sensitivity of these parameters increases.
Customers often need laboratory analysis or COA of the product to export.
The manufacturer or the exporter of the product must send this certificate to his customer.

For some countries or special customers, especially in Germany and France, other certificates are necessary.
Having a residual pesticide test or a product health test is one of the important parameters for these special customers.

Various companies in South Khorasan Province are producing and processing various types of barberry.
However, a limited number of these production units export and major supply Iranian Zereshk for international markets.

On the other hand, the number of companies that are active in the field of healthy products is not that much.

Dried Barberries Wholesale Prices

Dried Barberries Wholesale Prices

As mentioned in the previous sections, the price of barberry is directly related to its quality parameters.
For this reason, it is not possible to ask the exact price of a type of barberry.
Because a product may have a lighter color but a higher moisture content.
In other words, buying and selling in the field of barberry is to consider all the parameters and then give the real price of the product.

In 2020, The price of regular barberries was between 2 to 3 USD/kg.
And this price for Organic barberries was near 5.5 USD/kg.

You can contact the Artin Barberry Sales Unit to receive the exact price and also to view the pictures or to receive samples.
You can also connect via WhatsApp or other social networks.

Also, in the Artin company, fabric packages are using for exporting barberry.
This type of packaging has many advantages over plastic, which we have reviewed in other articles on the site.

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