Iranian Zereshk Powder | Pulverized Red Barberry

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Iranian Zereshk Powder | Pulverized Red Barberry

Iranian Zereshk Powder | Pulverized Red Barberry

Iranian Zereshk Powder with %100 purity of barberry is not that easy to import. The Artin barberry has pulverized red barberry for wholesale.

You can get the price of the Artin Iranian Zereshk powder with just one phone call.

This product is a product of the best red barberry in the South Khorasan province of Iran.

As you can see, the largest barberry production center in the world is Iran.
More than 97% of Iran’s red barberry production is in South Khorasan province.

In fact, Khorasan is the only source and supply center for Iranian Zereshk powder. As a matter of fact, there are not more than 2 or 3 companies in Iran that produce pulverized barberry for wholesale markets and for sale in bulk.

Various companies are active in the production and sale of barberry fruit in this region of the country.
But very few companies are active in the production of barberry powder.

Iranian Zereshk Powder Production

Iranian Zereshk Powder Production

Barberry powder is one of the main products of Iranian red Berberis Vulgaris.
Along with this product, barberry juice, barberry concentrate, paste, jam, and barberry fruit roll are available for sale/buy in the barberry production centers.

Barberry is one of the fruits that have many medicinal properties.
These properties are the reason for barberry’s popularity among the people.
Especially organic barberries have more benefits. Here is a good time to tell you that we are producing both Organic and Non-Organic barberry powder in the Artin barberry production factories.

To produce Iranian Zereshk powder, the moisture of the product must be really low and come to a minimum, which makes a need of in advanced production sets by advanced machines.

After the moisture reaches the standard level, it is examined and tested by a technical expert to enter the pulverizing process.
Finally, after grinding the product, various methods are in use to reduce adhesion.

One of the most important things in the production of Artin pulverized barberry is the complete purity of this product.
In other words, no additives are added to barberry powder and 100% healthy barberry products are available on the farm.

Artin Barberry Powder Wholesale

Artin Barberry Powder Wholesale

One of the companies active in the production of barberry powder is the Artin barberry production unit in Khorasan (Iran).

The Artin barberry company is well-known as one of the activists in the field of production, sales and exports in the market.
In this collection, barberry is available in different types and along with it, some barberry products are also ready for the market.

Since product quality and consumer health are the two main priorities in this production unit, the best barberries in the region are in use to produce the powder.
In this way, products with a higher shelf life will remain.

Red barberry powder has various uses.
The most important uses of Artin barberry powder are as follows:

  • Flavoring a variety of foods
  • Production of sauces
  • Production of sweets
  • Using in some cosmetics
  • Uses in chocolate factories

This issue causes barberry powder to find many fans in the Iranian market as well as international markets.

How Much is the Barberry Powder Price?

How Much is the Barberry Powder Price?

The price of barberry powder depends on various parameters, the most important of which is the type of barberry.
Then parameters such as the mesh size, type of packaging, and moisture content are effective in determining the price of barberry powder.

In order to buy barberry powder at the best and most competitive prices, it is better to contact the manufacturer directly.
In this way, the product will reach buyers at the lowest price.
Of course, it is important to note that the minimum sales of factories and manufacturers are s specific amount (MOQ for export/import orders).

In other words, it is not possible to buy in low volume directly from the factory.
Now, if you need to buy Iranian Zereshk powder in bulk, you can contact the sales unit of this product in Artin barberry company.

Here are some ways to communicate:

Direct Purchase of Iranian Zereshk Powder

Direct Purchase of Iranian Zereshk Powder

Artin Barberry Factory is in South Khorasan Province as one of the activists in the field of barberry products.

In this production unit, in addition to offering various types of barberry, including POFAKI and ANARI barberry, many barberry products are also available for the market.

One of the most important of these products is pulverized red barberry, which is of interest in many markets.
Also, if you intend to export/import barberry powder, be sure to contact the Artin Barberry Trading Unit to be provided with the necessary information.

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