Iranian Zereshk Powder | Red Barberry Flour

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Iranian Zereshk Powder | Red Barberry Flour

Iranian Zereshk Powder | Red Barberry Flour

Iranian Zereshk powder is almost a new spice available in most countries especially Germany and America. Red barberry flour is really sour.

The price of barberry powder is depending on its quality parameters and additives.
You can check the wholesale price of the Artin barberry company by sending your request by email or messaging us on WhatsApp:

Iranian Zereshk powder is one of the products that are in use in various industries in recent years.
Diverse and numerous applications increase the production of this product.
The Artin barberry flour is a product of the best types of red barberry (seedless varieties) in South Khorasan province.

High-Quality Red Barberry Flour

High-Quality Red Barberry FlourIranian Zereshk powder is a product of the best-dried barberries of South Khorasan province.
As you are aware, this location is the center of red barberry production in eastern Iran.
Khorasan is the largest producer of barberry and saffron in Iran.

In this region of the country, many companies are active in the production, processing and export of barberry and saffron.
But in the field of barberry powder production, active companies are very limited.
The reason is the difficulty of producing this product and its specialized drying processes.

The Artin barberry company is one of the producers of Iranian red barberry flour.
In this company, the most up-to-date and equipped equipment is used for processing and production.
Some companies in this field use additives to reduce adhesion.
But in the Artin barberry factory, no additive is in use to produce this powder.

Although the powder is slightly sticky, it conveys the main taste of barberry to the consumer.
On the other hand, this product is also is in use for treatment.
The reason for this claim is the production of barberry pills and berries and conducting scientific research on this product in recent years.

Iranian Zereshk Powder Wholesale

Iranian Zereshk Powder WholesaleAs mentioned in the previous sections, one of the companies active in the field of distribution of barberry powder is Artin Group.
This collection specializes in the production and processing of barberry and jujube and their products.

The main center of this company is in Birjand and all production processes are in this city.
Since the use of barberry powder has increased in recent years, The Artin Company decided to offer its best products online but in bulk all over the world.

The wide market of barberry powder has caused various industries to request the purchase of this product.
A variety of ice cream, candy, confectionery manufacturers as well as pharmaceutical companies is looking to buy this product. Which is offered with the best quality and reasonable price in the wholesale market.

The sales office of the Artin Barberry Co. and its powder shopping center is in Mashhad.
You can refer to the office of this company to buy these products in bulk and also to sign a contract.
In addition, the sales information of the wholesales unit is in different sections of the Artin website.

Barberry Powder Price

Barberry Powder PriceNow the question that arises for many buyers is how much is the price of barberry powder?
From which companies should the original price of this product be obtained?

Buyers are always looking to buy the product they need at the lowest price.
But in such a way that there is no change in its quality and they receive a high quality and first-class product.
There is only one way to do this, and that is through direct communication with the units that produce the product.

With this method and elimination of intermediaries, the product is provided to customers at the factory door price and also in terms of various discounts.
Buying barberry powder is no exception.

To buy the best barberry powder in South Khorasan directly, you can contact the Artin Company right now.
Artin Barberry Sales Unit provides you with the necessary information about quality and price.
The price of barberry powder depends first of all on the type of barberry used for the mill.
If the best barberry is used for this purpose, the price of the product can not be expected to be low.

But all the efforts of our colleagues in the Barberry Artin collection are to provide a quality product at a cheap price.

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