Iranian Zereshk Price List | Pofaki and Anari Barberries

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Iranian Zereshk Price List | Pofaki and Anari Barberries

Iranian Zereshk price list is prepared for bulk purchases and imports. You can buy Iranian Pofaki and Anari barberries directly from Iran.

Price fluctuations and an updated price list of barberry are very important factors in the trade of this product.
To have an up-to-date price list of Iranian Zereshk, you can contact Artin Barberry Company.

In this collection and factory, all kinds of high-quality Pofaki and Anari barberries with the best prices are available for the market.

Pofaki and Anari Zereshk Production Center

Barberry is a tropical plant that the city of Birjand, located in South Khorasan, is the cradle and center of production of this product in Iran and the world.
This type of barberry is not found in any country except Iran.
South Khorasan accounts for more than 90% of Iran’s barberry.

Puffy (Pofaki) barberry and Anari are both from the same orchard of barberries and the only difference is how they are dried.
Anari barberry is dried in direct sunlight while puffy barberry is dried in the barberry hall in the shade.
The drying process of barberry in puffy barberry is longer than Anari barberry.
In fact, Iranian Pofaki needs at least 5 months to get dried enough.

First-Class Iranian Zereshk Price List

Obviously, there are parameters affecting the price of barberry. Some of these parameters are:

  • Barberry type
  • Color and amount of puff (The shape)
  • Destination country
  • The degree of pest infestation
  • Moisture content
  • The amount of tail and foreign matter
  • Health certificates
  • Supply and Demand

Pofaki Zereshk is generally more expensive than Anari Zereshk because it takes longer to prepare for marketing.
Barberry has many uses, but puffy barberry is usually in use directly in restaurants or in sweets for decoration.
And Anari barberry is in use indirectly for food factory or medicine production.

The lighter the color of barberry, the higher its price.
Of course, light-color barberry is also in high demand.
Low moisture, less pest, and low foreign matter also increase the price of barberry.

There is a list of prices of Iranian barberries in Iran and in some other countries:

Prices of Iranian Zereshk in Europe and most of the countries:

  1. Iranian Non-Organic Pofaki Barberry:  5 Euro to 6 Euro per Kg
  2. Iranian Non-Organic Anari Barberry: 4.5 Euro to 5.5 Euro per Kg
  3. Organic Barberries: 5.5 Euro to 6.5 Euro per Kg

Prices of Iranian Zereshk in Iran

  1. Iranian Non-Organic Pofaki Barberry:  3-4 Euro per Kg
  2. Iranian Non-Organic Anari Barberry: 2.5-3.5 Euro per Kg
  3. Organic Barberries: 4-5 Euro per Kg

Organic Barberry

Meanwhile, organically grown barberries are much more expensive than other barberries.
Organic means an agricultural product without any fertilizers and chemicals.

These types of barberries should be regularly monitored by experts.
They have difficult conditions to maintain, which is why the number of producers of this type of barberry in Iran is small.
These are all factors that make the price of this type of barberry higher than other barberries.

Another factor affecting the price of barberry is its supply and demand in the market.
In fact, with the decrease in supply, the price should increase. This issue is related to the time when the rainfall in the growing season is high and has increased the volume of production.

If the demand for this product in the market decreases, its price will also decrease.
For example, the current corona condition has been one of the factors affecting the price of this product.

Because with the closure of reception centers, the amount of demand has decreased, and as a result, the high supply of this product in the market has caused a significant reduction in the price of this product.

How to Know the Exact Prices in Iran?

As you can see, there are several factors that affect the price of barberry and you need to know these things in business.
Artin Barberry Company is a collection that identifies all these items and offers the barberry price list to the buyers.

For information on the barberry price list, purchase and even export/import, you can contact the barberry sales consultants of Artin Collection.

The price of barberry is very important along with its quality. Therefore, the quality of the product should not be sacrificed for its price in any way.

In fact, according to the needs of the target market, we need to choose the best price and quality. At Artin Barberry Company, we try to provide honest advice for buying the best barberry directly from South Khorasan.

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