Iranian Zereshk Sale in Canada

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Zereshk Sale in Canada

Iranian Zereshk Sale in Canada

Iranian Barberries import to Canada directly from Iran. Iranian Zereshk Sale in Canada for chain stores and also for making delicious Persian foods is perfect.

Although the sales for Persian zereshk mostly relates to Persian and Arab stores, but one of the main markets for high quality barberry is Canada.
Iran-Canada traders and market participants import various products in the field of nuts to Canada.
Puffy barberry and pomegranate seed barberry are among the most popular products in the country’s market.
You might search for a high quality Persian Zereshk for sale in Canada. But what does it mean? What does the high quality barberry mean?

Iranian Zereshk Export Qualities

Zereshk Export Qualities

Iran is the largest producer of barberry in the world.
In the eastern regions of Iran, due to suitable climatic conditions, barberry and saffron grows in high volumes.

Iranian barberry calls “Zereshk” in Persian and it is seedless.
Edible red barberry producing in South Khorasan province is selling in the markets of different countries.

High quality Zereshk of Iran along with saffron, have a high volume of exports of agricultural products in South Khorasan province.
Among the types of barberry producing in Iran, the highest amount of sales relate to the following types:
• Puffy barberry (Persian Pofaki Zereshk)
• Pomegranate seed barberry (Persian Anari Zereshk)

Among the types of barberry, the highest amount of export of high quality barberry is for puffy barberry.
Of course, Iranian pomegranate seed barberry also sends to the markets of Russia, Iraq, Turkey and some other countries.
Persian Pofaki barberry account for most of the Iranian Zereshk sale in Canada

Iranian Zereshk Sales Market

Zereshk Sales Market

Iranian Pofaki barberry has buyers in the market of different countries.
This type of barberry has the highest amount of exports from Iran to the following countries due to its light color and more puffy shape than other types:

  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Iraq
  • Kuwait
  • Italy
  • Slovakia

The process of producing puffy barberry takes several months.
Puffy barberry is ready to enter the workshops and factories for further processing about 3 to 4 months after harvesting.

Iranian Pofaki Zereshk is the best option for packaging due to its low moisture content.
On the other hand, its color is light and it will look better in packages.

How to Export/Import Iranian Dried Barberries to Canada?

Iranian Dried Barberries

The main route for exporting barberry and other foodstuffs from Iran to Canada is by sea.
The sea route from B.Abbas to the ports of Canada sometimes takes between 45 and 65 days due to the change of documents.

Barberry is a product that is very sensitive in terms of health and this sensitivity is because of two issues:

  1. Heat and warm weather
  2. Humidity

Since the humidity in the sea shipping route is very high, reefer containers must be in use.
The ideal temperature for a container carrying barberry is between +2 and +7 °C.
Barberry remains unchanged at this temperature.
In some ways, due to the presence of some moisture in the barberry seeds, it can not be placed in plastic.

When the barberry places in the nylon, it sweats and the barberry gradually changes color and shape.
For this reason, packages that allow air to pass through should be used.

In Artin nuts and dried fruits company, fabric bags with special thickness is using, which both increase the shelf life of the product and are completely approved from a health point of view.

Persian Zereshk Price for Sale in Canada

Persian Zereshk Price

Price is one of the basic parameters in the export/import and trade of any product.
But the price should not be emphasized in such a way as to cause the production unit to reduce the quality of its product.

In other words, to have a reasonable price, you should not sacrifice the quality of the product.
The price of pomegranate seed barberry is cheaper than puffy barberries, but it is lower in quality.

But puffy shape Iranian Zereshk, although more expensive, but in terms of color, moisture content and quality is closer to the standards approved by different countries.

Barberry prices fluctuate a lot in some periods of time.
For this reason, you can receive the daily price of the products from the sales and trade unit of Artin Production Company.

Pofaki Zereshk Sale for Canada

Pofaki Zereshk Sale

The main production center of edible red barberry in Iran is South Khorasan province.

In this province, many cities plant and produce barberries, the most important of which are:

  • Qaen
  • Birjand
  • Ariyan Shahr
  • Sarbishe
  • Darmian

Birjand and Ghaenat cities have higher sales and exports due to having suitable communication routes with all over the country.

In these cities, many production units and factories are active in the field of drying and processing barberry.
Artin Production Company, as one of the activists in the field of barberry and saffron, prepares and processes its products in accordance with international standards.

All products in this collection comply with the 3337 standard and provides to customers based on health analyzes.

In addition, in special cases and according to the contract, barberry cargo prepares and package for customers based on the remained pesticides (Should not present in the test results).

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