Iranian Zereshk to Buy in Bulk for Import/Export

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Iranian Zereshk to Buy in Bulk for Import/Export

Iranian Zereshk to Buy in Bulk for Import/Export

If you have any plan for Iranian Zereshk to buy in bulk and import it, Iran is its export center and Artin Barberry is one of its exporters.

How can you buy Iranian barberry (ANARI and POFAKI varieties) at affordable prices?
Is there a minimum order quantity for direct orders from manufacturers?
Is there any supplier and exporter that can provide barberries for you at affordable prices?

To get the answers to the above questions, you can use this article.
By the way, if you want to cut to the chase, call the following No. and get all the information, prices, and photos of the products directly from Iranian Zereshk producer and manufacturer that you can buy in bulk from them:

Iranian POFAKI Zereshk for Export/Import

Iranian POFAKI Zereshk for Export/Import

POFAKI barberry is one of the types of Iranian red Zereshk whose production process is longer and somewhat more difficult than other varieties.
For this reason, it has a higher price and is of better quality (brighter color and more puffy shape).

Often when it comes to the word variety, it is thought that different specimens of this product are from different trees at the time of production.
This is not the case for barberry, but all types of barberry are harvested from the same tree and we do not have different types of barberry on the tree.

Please Notice: In this article, all the words of barberry and Zereshk refer to:

Iranian Red, Edible, Seedless Berberis Vulgaris fruit

The varieties of barberry come from the drying procedure of this product. accordingly, when you need Iranian Zereshk to buy in bulk directly from Iran, you should know more about the varieties of barberry fruits in Iran and how they produce them.

To produce POFAKI barberry, the farmers and producers cut the branches of the tree (those that are full of barberry fruits).
As barberries are still on the branches, it is on hangers so that the barberry seeds are dried in the presence of normal air, away from high humidity and high temperature, and also away from direct sun as much as possible.

This way, barberry seeds do not lose their puffy state and dry out in bulk, which is the reason for the puffy name of this variety.
After the barberries are completely dry, producers separate them from the branches at the time of ordering and clean (sort) them by their special devices.

There are many foreign materials for separating from the barberries to be ready for sale and export.
The main buyers of Iranian Zereshk are mostly willing to buy this product in bulk because it is mostly in use to produce other food products such as ice-cream and sweets.

Puffy Barberry Purchase Center

Puffy Barberry Purchase Center

As you know, the barberry production center of Iran is in South Khorasan province.
In this region of Iran, some well-known Iranian products can be found. these products are:

  • Barberry
  • Saffron
  • Jujube

The climatic characteristics of this region of the country are very suitable for the production of these 3 products.
The reason for this claim is the increase in production volume of these products from 2010 onwards.
It is predictable that in 2022 the volume of production will be much higher than in previous years.

Barberry of South Khorasan is available in various wholesale markets throughout the country. But Tehran and Mashhad are the most decisive markets in buying and selling barberry.
Of course, in these markets, products are selling by wholesalers and in some cases by manufacturers.

But in barberry-producing cities, barberry is usually ready for sale by production units.
This causes the product to be bought and sold at a more competitive price in these cities.

In this regard, communicating with barberry producers in South Khorasan province for major purchases has many advantages. And obviously, they have high quantities of Iranian Dried Zereshk for you to buy in bulk for the purpose of export/import.

The Artin Production Company is one of the producers of all varieties of Iranian Zereshk.
In this collection, puffy barberry is ready for the market almost from the beginning of March every year.

Puffy barberry has a reasonable and competitive price in bulk, especially in export orders, by Artin Barberry’s specialized collection.
You can contact the sales department for more information.

How about the Iranian Zeresh Price to Buy in Bulk?

How about the Iranian Zeresh Price to Buy in Bulk?

Barberry price is one of the important parameters in bulk sales.
Of course, talking about the price is always after seeing the quality and seeing the main load.

Because barberry is a horticultural product and can not be in the same category all the time.
A barberry may have a good color but it is small. But another barberry is coarse but darker.

All quality parameters should be of importance and then the price should be the next parameter.
To view the photos and also to receive samples, you can contact the sales unit of the Artin Barberry Collection.
Be sure to see the product sample before buying in bulk for domestic or export consumption.

You can make direct contact easily by clicking on the image below.

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