Iranian Zereshk Wholesale | Artin Barberry Producer

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Iranian Zereshk Wholesale

Iranian Zereshk Wholesale | Artin Barberry Producer

Iranian Zereshk Wholesale market price is lower when you buy directly from the manufacturer. In fact, the Artin barberry is the producer and exporter.

The direct major sales center of Iranian berberis Vulgaris is Khorasan. Actually, you need to search for Iranian Zereshk best wholesale price in Khorasan.
Many producers in this region are mainly selling various types of barberries. In fact, it’s the main center of production of edible red barberry in Iran.

You might see barberry trees in different countries but their product is not edible. Iran is the main and actually, the only producer of red and edible Iranian Zereshk.
But Iran is the largest producer of edible barberry in the world.
This edible barberry is in 2 categories: Black Barberry and Red Barberry.
Black barberry has seeds inside and red barberry has not.

Iranian Red Barberry for Wholesale (Zereshk)

Iranian Red Barberry for Wholesale (Zereshk)

Iranian red barberry is usually one type.
In fact, the barberry tree, which is in a large area of ​​South Khorasan province, is of one species.
But after harvest, there are different ways to dry the product.

These different methods cause the dried product to have different types.
Direct sales of barberry are also based on dried barberry.
The most important and main types of dried barberry in Khorasan are the following 2 types:

  1. Iranian Anari Zereshk
  2. Iranian Pofaki Zereshk

Of course, other types are also available in the market, but most sales are for these two products.
Puffy barberry has completely puffy-shaped due to drying on the branch.
But this barberry’s juice is less, so more of this barberry is in use for packaging and cooking a variety of foods.

But in the Anari barberry, although the fruits are not puffy and the crushing percentage is higher, this barberry is juicy.
In other words, the percentage of flavor is higher and is very important for producers of sweets, ice cream, and beverages.
Each type of barberry is for specific purposes.

Quality criteria for customers are different.
This is also true for export customers.

Iranian Zereshk Wholesale Center

Iranian Zereshk Wholesale Center

Most barberry production workshops are in the South Khorasan province of Iran.
There are many barberry drying grounds in these areas.
A large number of barberries in this area are getting dry with traditional methods.

That is a large volume of Iranian Zereshk available in wholesale markets through these units. But in recent years, various industrial units are also effective and active in this field.

One of the active companies in the field of production and direct sale of barberry is Artin barberry company.
In this company, there are various special methods of drying and processing barberries.
The Artin company process and prepare Iranian Anari and Pofaki Zereshk for the wholesale markets inside and outside Iran.
Both bulk and small packages are available in this company.

In this collection, the process of producing barberries for export is different from the methods using to prepare barberries for domestic markets.

If you want to buy bulk barberry, you can contact the Artin sales department.
All information and terms of sale will be open to you by our sales managers.
There are communication channels in the sales and consulting section of Artin’s official website.

Buying Barberry Directly from Khorasan

Buying Barberry Directly from Khorasan

As mentioned in the previous sections, part of Iran’s barberry products is in use to export.
There are various companies in Iran exporting Iranian dried Zereshk to other wholesale markets and countries.

The most important buyers of Iranian barberry are the following countries:

  1. Germany
  2. Russia
  3. Ukraine
  4. Canada
  5. Iraq
  6. Australia
  7. America
  8. Afghanistan

There are other countries that buy Iranian barberry along with other nuts, especially Iranian pistachios.
The Artin barberry company is also active with its experienced staff in the field of trade.

In this collection, exported barberries are sent to customers in bulk in special packages.
In addition to increasing durability, these fabric packages are also a better option for import according to the customs standards.

You can contact our partners to get more information about barberry exports and their daily price.
If needed, you can send your message to one of the sales experts in WhatsApp right now by clicking on the image below.

For more detailed information, you can inform us about the following points:

  • The type of barberry requested
  • destination country
  • Order amount
  • Package type
  • Place of delivery

In this way, the best offers will be given to you.

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