Iranian Zereshk Wholesale for Turkey

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Zereshk Wholesale for Turkey

Iranian Zereshk Wholesale for Turkey

Wholesale sales of Iranian barberry in Turkey are very high. Zereshk Wholesale for Turkey is a good business for importer of foodstuffs from Iran.

Among the types of Iranian barberry, two types of pomegranate seed barberry and puffy barberry have the highest sales and export to Turkey.

The Persian name of Pomegranate Seed type is: Zereshk Dane Anari

   And the Persian name of Puffy type is: Zereshk Pofaki

Iran has a variety of barberry, some harvesting from Orchards and some from forests (mountains).

In the following, we will examine the characteristics of each of these types.

Iranian Edible Zereshk Varieties

Zereshk Wholesale for Turkey

In general, barberry divides into two categories, edible and decorative. In this article, the characteristics of edible barberry discusses.

Red barberry (Harvested from Orchards and Cultivated):

The largest amount of Persian Zereshk production in Iran is from this type. Orchards red barberries produces in the south of Khorasan province (Birjand and Qa’enat).

This type of Persian Zereshk is seedless. It has elliptical fruits and its harvest season is October to November every year.
This type of barberry itself has different types, the most important of which are puffy barberry (Zereshk Pofaki) and pomegranate seed (Zereshk Dane Anari).

Almost all of the Iranian Zereshk wholesale for Turkey relates to this type.

Black Wild Barberry (Harvested from Forests on Mountains):

This type of barberry grows mostly in mountainous areas of Bojnourd and Shahroud cities.
One of the hallmarks of black wild barberry is its core and seed.
Wild barberry in some areas, of course, has a dark red color, but most of this product is known in black.
The amount of collection and harvesting of this product is also very low.

Seedless Blue Barberry:

Seedless blue barberry, which is often produces in the western provinces, is seedless and dark blue as its name.
This product is very expensive for unknown reasons and therefore has its own customers.
Blue barberry has a very low production volume in western Iran and is specific to special uses.

Iranian Zereshk Wholesale for Turkey

Zereshk Wholesale for Turkey

About 14,000 tons of barberry were harvested in 2019 from the barberry orchards of South Khorasan Province, which expects to increase in 2019 for the harvest season, which its harvest season is from early autumn.

Given that the amount of precipitation at the end of 2019 and also in the spring of 2020 was higher than the average of previous years, God willing, the barberry crop of 2020 will be better in terms of production and quality than last year.

Iranian barberry varieties, including puffy Zereshk and pomegranate seeds Zereshk, have the largest sales volume.
In addition to the domestic market of Iran, these products are also welcomed in export markets.
One of the main markets for the sale of Iranian barberry is Turkey. As a result, Zereshk Wholesale for Turkey is a good business for many exporter and importer of this product.

Given that barberry has a high variety of consumption, its use is also very high.

The most important consumption of barberry are:

  • making sweets (Muscat and baklava, Turkish delights, etc.)
  • Cooking (Especially in Iranian and Afghan Restaurants)
  • Drug production (more than 80 types)
  • Production of chocolate and ice cream
  • Preparation of various types of fruits rolls
  • Making delicious juices and jams

Export Iranian Barberry to Turkey

Zereshk Wholesale for Turkey

Turkey, as stated, is one of the neighboring countries that buys large quantities of Iranian Zereshk.
Barberry usually ships directly from Birjand and Qa’enat or Mashhad to Istanbul and Izmir after customs clearance.

Among the types of barberry, most of the pomegranate seed barberry (Anari Zereshk) sends to this country due to its reasonable price.
A smaller amount of puffy barberries sends to Turkish buyers.

Barberry mostly uses in Turkey to make a variety of sweets, including baklava and muscat.
In Istanbul, many manufacturers use this product as their raw material.
For this reason, the major sales of Iranian barberry in this country are very visible.

In fact, If your market in Turkey are the confectionery makers and bakeries, Most of them know the Persian Zereshk.

Persian Zereshk Wholesale Center

Companies and production units active in South Khorasan province, especially in Ghaen and Birjand cities, are the best centers for buying barberry.

Of course, many of these production units do not process their products in accordance with international market health standards.

However, some production units that are familiar enough with the category of export and its certificates and licenses can be a good reference for buying export quality barberry in Iran.

In order to export barberries, it is necessary to receive several certificates and health licenses, which usually obtain by the clearance office when the barberry is declaring at customs.

To receive advice on the export of barberry to Turkey and also to know the daily price of different types of barberry, you can contact the sales and support unit of Artin Barberry Production Factory.

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