Iranian Zereshk Wholesale | Red Barberries Exporter

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Iranian Zereshk Wholesale

Iranian Zereshk Wholesale | Red Barberries Exporter

Iranian Zereshk Wholesale Price in Iran production centers is lower than in other countries. The Artin red barberries company is an exporter.

The Artin company in Iran is a producer and exporter of high-quality Iranian Zereshk.
All the Artin products export to other countries mostly directly from Iran. And sometimes from Germany.

The cities of Khorasan are unique in the production and export of high-quality barberry in the world.
They also sell their product in bulk in different countries. Obviously, the best Iranian Zereshk Wholesale price finds in the production centers and Khorasan is the first and the only production center of Red-Seedless barberries in the world.

The use of this product is not limited to the preparation of food and beverages but is widely used in the field of medicine and even the production of paint and food colors.

How to Dry ANARI Iranian Zereshk Fruits

ANARI Iranian Zereshk Fruits

After harvesting barberry from the tree, its moisture is very high, so the barberry must be completely dry.
There are several ways to dry this product.
These different ways and methods cause dried barberries to be available in different types in the market.

In order to produce ANARI barberries, farmers need to separate barberry fruits from the branches. There are several ways to do this.
The separated fruits are then spread out in direct sunlight.
During the time when the barberry moisture reaches its normal level, the barberry production units turn them upside down.
Until all the seeds get dry.

Due to the fact that Anari Iranian Zereshk dries on the ground, the presence of sand in the load is common.
The main characteristics of Anari Iranian Zereshk in the wholesale markets are as follows:

  • Darker color than other types of barberry
  • Juicy
  • Higher crushing percentage
  • Possibility of ash in load analysis (due to drying on the ground)
  • Less volume (Higher density)

ANARI Zereshk is cheaper than other varieties and has different prices in different quality grades.

Sales of Iranian Zereshk in the Wholesale Market

Sales of Iranian Zereshk

The main production and wholesale centers of high-quality Iranian red barberries are in South Khorasan province.
Most of the supply of barberry in this area is through the wholesale markets of Mashhad and Tehran.

Barberry is first sold by workshops and factories operating in the area.
The focus of these producers is in the cities of Khorasan. the point is that Iranian red barberries exporters in this area are not that known but they are perfect suppliers for special and defined buyers in other countries.

In each of these areas, barberry is available in different qualities.
Of course, depending on the weather conditions and the type of water using to irrigate barberry orchards, the quality and color of the product will be different.

One of the barberries producing units in this region of the country is the Artin barberry production company.
Artin Barberry company with several active workshops in South Khorasan province prepares its products for supply in the domestic and export market.

The export and production of barberry are separate from other sectors due to the observance of hygienic principles.
In the export of barberry, there are many parameters that you need to consider.
In addition, the packaging of products for supply in export markets must have certain standards.

Iranian Barberries Export/Import

Iranian Barberries Export/Import

Iranian Zereshk has many buyers in the wholesale markets of different countries.
This product is in use for other food products due to its nature.
Barberry is in use in the production of sweets, ice cream, chocolate, Lokum, and also in cooking.

The largest volume of exports of high-quality Iranian barberry is to the following countries:

Pakistan – Turkey – Russia – Afghanistan – Ukraine – Australia – Iraq

Of course, different varieties of Iranian red barberries are available in the market of these countries.
They choose other types of barberry according to their needs and type of consumption.

Barberry is known by different names in different countries, some of which are as follows:

  • Barberry
  • Berberis Vulgaris
  • Zereshk
  • Zeresht
  • Zereshg
  • البرباريس
  • Berbaris
  • Berberitze
  • épine-vinette
  • 花 花

Barberry does not need a standard for export because it is not a mandatory standard product. But there are some hygienic cautions that are important for the buyers.

Barberry can be sent to any country only by receiving a phytosanitary certificate and an agricultural certificate from the Jihad-e-Agriculture Organization of Iran.

The suitable packaging for bulk barberry is really important.
On the other hand, in hot seasons or if there is a long sea route, reefer containers are suitable.

If you need to receive photos of barberry varieties as well as its export packages, you can contact Artin barberry experts through WhatsApp.

There are also other ways of communication on the contact-us page, and you can wait for our colleagues to contact you by completing the forms available on the site.

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