Jujube and Barberry Wholesaler | Artin Dried Fruits Exporter

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Jujube and Barberry Wholesaler | Artin Dried Fruits Exporter

Jujube and Barberry Wholesaler | Artin Dried Fruits Exporter

Are you searching for a jujube and barberry wholesaler and exporter/importer? The Artin company in Iran is a dried fruits producer.

Where to buy first-class barberry and jujube in bulk?
Where is the center of major sellers of these products?
What is the best price of each kilo of jujube and barberry in the wholesale market?

Join us to get the answers to all these questions and much more information about these products.
This article is to increase your knowledge about these products and the Artin dried fruits company itself is an exporter and wholesaler of these products.

The Best Iranian Jujube and Barberry

The Best Iranian Jujube and Barberry

The main and famous center of high-quality barberry and jujube production in Iran belongs to the South Khorasan province.
About 97% of the agricultural lands of Khorasan are for the cultivation of barberry, saffron and jujube.

The main sellers of these products are in Ghaenat and Birjand.
Therefore, in order to buy first-class barberry and jujube in bulk directly from a Khorasan wholesaler, we must get more familiar with these products and their producers in Khorasan.

The high nutritional and medicinal properties of these products and their good taste help the sellers of these products to increase sales volume.

The high volume of production of barberry and jujube, their price, and also their quality have made the products, in addition to the domestic market, have good potential for export/import to other countries.

There are two main varieties of Iranian red-edible barberry available in the market:

  1. ANARI Barberries
  2. POFAKI Barberries

Puffy-shape (POFAKI) barberry has a brighter color than other types of barberry and ANARI barberry has more juice but a darker color.
These differences are due to the different drying methods of barberry in the South Khorasan province.

But there are not that various jujubes available in Iran and the categorizing of these jujubes is according to the appearance of the product.
For jujube grading, there are usually parameters that production units make this distinction.
The main criteria for differentiating and ranking jujube is the size and then the color and sometimes the number of jujube wrinkles.

Jujube and Barberry Wholesaler

Jujube and Barberry Wholesaler

As you can read in the previous section, the main center of supply and major wholesale of barberry and jujube is eastern Iran.
These products are in the orchards of different cities in South Khorasan province.
But there are several special wholesale markets in the country.
Buying from any of these markets has its own advantages.

  • Birjand Bazaar
  • Ghayen Bazaar
  • Mashhad Bazaar
  • Tehran Bazaar

In Tehran market, products are at a higher price than other markets.
Buying from sellers and production units in South Khorasan province in bulk will be more cost-effective and affordable.
Also, if there is a need for special packaging or delivery in the city and customs, the work is much easier and more accurate.

That is why most merchants and wholesalers make their major purchases from Birjand and Gha’en.
Export/import customers are also welcome to buy directly from active and professional manufacturers in this field.

How to get Artin Products Price List?

How to get Artin Products Price List?

As you are aware, the price of products depends on various parameters.
The most important of them is the purchase volume and type of packaging, which in major volumes will usually make price changes.
On the other hand, quality parameters also have a direct impact on price.

To receive the exact price and according to your order, you can contact the barberry sales department of Artin company directly.

Our partners are ready to provide you with more detailed information in a short time.

Iranian Jujube and Barberry Export/Import

Iranian Jujube and Barberry Export/Import

Iranian jujube has no buyers in world markets in comparison with barberry and saffron.
But some merchants export/import in small quantities to Canada, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan and India.
Some of these exports are for the purpose of using jujubes as a nut and snack and some are for medicinal purposes.

But unlike jujube, barberry has large quantities of export/import that is increasing day by day.
You can see both Organic and Non-Organic barberries in the markets especially in Europe.

Khorasan barberry has many different uses due to its many medicinal properties.
On the other hand, it is in use as a flavoring and raw material for various foods, especially sweets.

Different countries and their different markets choose the type of barberry they want, depending on the type of consumption.
For example, Iranian ANARI Zereshk is common to make drinks due to its more juice.
This has led traders and merchants to be more careful in choosing the type of barberry and its quality.

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