Jujube Bulk Wholesaler | Iranian Dried Unaab Supply

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Jujube Bulk Wholesaler | Iranian Dried Unaab Supply

Jujube Bulk Wholesaler | Iranian Dried Unaab Supply

The Artin company is a jujube bulk wholesaler in Iran and also it can supply Iranian Dried Unaab for buyers in other countries such as India.

The Artin Company is a distributor of Iranian jujube in bulk in the market all over the country (Iran).
This company is almost available everywhere on the internet. Obviously, you can find them by a quick check and search on the web.

As you are aware, jujube is one of the products that are available in the South Khorasan province of Iran. This product is available in various domestic and foreign markets as well.
Iranian dried Unnab has various applications due to its many properties. Therefore, you see its sales and supply grow day by day.

Iranian red jujube is in use especially in different markets in the hot season. Various countries, including Iraq, Pakistan, India, and Kuwait, are the main buyers of this product.

But, even now that Iranian jujube is almost available in Europe and Iran neighboring countries, finding an Iranian jujube bulk wholesaler is not that easy. You might find one, but it would be perfect and more profitable if:

  1. The wholesaler is a producer of the product as well.
  2. The wholesaler can export products in bulk from its country to yours.

Iranian Red Jujube Therapeutical and Medicinal Properties

Iranian Red Jujube Therapeutical and Medicinal Properties

Iranian dried jujube is one of the products whose name is in the book of Ibn Sina and it has many uses to treat various diseases or prevent various diseases. Whether jujube is in use fresh or dried, its nutrients and antioxidants are absorbable by the body and show its long-term benefits.

The main and most important therapeutic properties of Khorasan jujube are as follows:

  • At first, Jujube is a rich source of iron and phosphorus
  • Second: Regulation of blood circulation
  • Third: Strengthen bones
  • Forth: Treatment of cough and sore throat
  • Fifth: Help to cure colds
  • Sixth: Eliminates constipation and laxatives
  • Seventh: Eliminates skin blemishes
  • Eighth: Detoxification of the body and purification of the blood
  • Ninth: Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Tenth: Protect the liver

Jujube is often available in dried form in the market because it is easier to store and has a longer shelf life. But fresh, soft, and green jujube fruits are only available during the harvest season. In fact, you can not find a fresh jujube bulk wholesaler.

Small jujubes are mostly in use for medicinal purposes. Therefore, some of the producers and supply centers know these sizes as medicinal jujube. The main feature of these jujubes is their small size and a high percentage of wrinkles on the skin. Which is in use both in complete shape and powder form.

Iranian Jujube Bulk Distribution Center

Iranian Jujube Bulk Distribution Center

As you know, the main market and center of jujube production are in Khorasan. Khorasan jujube distributors also send their products directly to their customers across the country.

Some of these jujube distributors sell their products through the wholesale markets of Mashhad and Tehran. For some buyers whose orders are low, buying from these markets is more economical.

The main distributors of jujube in Khorasan, which are mostly manufacturing companies, sell their products in bulk.
After the jujube is harvested from the tree and its moisture reaches the standard and normal level, various processes, especially sorting, begin on it;
Obviously, all the sizes of jujubes are among each other after harvest.

There are various devices to sort jujubes by size. Of course, the size categories of different producers are different from each other, and unfortunately, there is no specific criterion for this in the jujube market of Iran. One of the companies selling jujube in South Khorasan province is the Artin jujube production company. In this company, jujubes are available in 7 different sizes.

Prices of Iranian Dried Unaab

Prices of Iranian Dried Unaab

In addition to the size of jujube, the price of jujube also depends on other parameters. These parameters are important when buying in bulk. Of course, considering that jujube is an agricultural and horticultural product and not all products can be exactly the same.

One of the parameters determining quality and price is the color of jujube. If the color of jujube is bright, its price is cheaper and jujube with liver color and dark red color has a higher price.

Another criterion for determining the quality of jujube is its pest control. Unfortunately, jujube trees have many pests that are controllable in some agricultural areas, but inevitably show themselves in some times.

Wrinkle percentage and appearance are other features that affect the price of jujube, which along with the product packaging can determine its current price.

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