jujube Dates Wholesale Price in Export/Import Markets

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jujube Dates Wholesale Price in Export/Import Markets

Jujube dates wholesale price is different depends on export/import markets. This major price in the production center is really competitive.

What are the important parameters for the best selling price of bulk jujube in the export/import markets?
With what characteristics is jujube suitable for the target market?
What are the pricing criteria for export/import jujube?

These are all questions that may occupy the mind of anyone in the discussion of bulk jujube exports/imports.
This article tries to answer all these questions.

Bulk Jujube Selling Price in Production Centers

Due to their tropical climate, South Khorasan of Iran was able to provide a suitable breeding ground for the growth and production of this plant.
Currently, the cities of Birjand and Sarbisheh in South Khorasan have high production of jujube dates in Iran.
In other words, 96% of jujube production in Iran belongs to the Khorasan province.

The harvest season of this product is in early August and the harvesting process should last about two months.

Jujube Dates pricing criteria

These are the main characteristics that affect the jujube dates wholesale price in different markets.
In fact, most of these parameters determine the quality of the product as well.

  • At first, Jujube size
  • Then, the dark or light color
  • The appearance and the wrinkles on the skin
  • Also, the percentage of pest infestation
  • And finally, the supply and demand condition in the market

The larger the size of the jujube and the darker the color of it, and the less and healthy the number of wrinkles and no pest, the better quality and higher price it has.
Conversely, the smaller and more wrinkled the other jujube, the lower the quality and the lower the price.

Jujube with large size and fewer wrinkles on the skin is in use as a nut. Nut jujube dates wholesale price is higher and it is in use in dried fruits markets.

And small jujubes with wrinkles are mostly in use for medicinal purposes. Therefore, they call them medicinal jujubes.
Another factor affecting the price of jujube is the supply and demand of this product in the market.
In this way, the more rainfall during the seasons, the fewer pests the crops will be.

As a result, the supply of this product in the market increases, and this issue reduces the price.

Another factor that affects jujube pricing is the type of packaging of this product.

Bulk Jujube Dates Wholesale Price in Iran

Jujube dates’ price range is really wide in Iran because its available qualities are wide.
But, to have a better view of this product in Iran, you can check the following prices. These prices are for October 2021:

  • Medicinal Jujubes: 0.6 USD/Kg to 0.95 USD/Kg
  • Nut Jujubes: 1.15 USD/Kg to 3 USD/Kg

Export/import of high-quality Iranian jujube

Iranian jujube with its quality is able to attract the attention of many countries.
The world market has a very good capacity to export/import this product. And the export of Iranian jujube to different countries has a very good boom.

Currently, high-quality Iranian jujube is in use for export from Iran to countries such as Pakistan, Iraq, Canada, Kuwait, the United Kingdom, Turkey, and Germany.

There are usually two very important parameters in the export sector that need to be considered.
One destination country and two what they consume of jujube. Which is more medicinal jujube if it is for medicinal purposes.

Iranian Jujube Dates Wholesale for Export/Import

Today, with the advancement of technology, we no longer need to spend a lot of time and additional costs to achieve our desired product.
With the development of technology and the Internet, online stores have entered the field of global commerce.
With just a little searching, you can reach your desired product even from the farthest distances.

Of course, we should note that this process needs to be done through a reputable company to provide customers with sufficient information on sales, purchases and exports. And fully inform customers of the way forward to gain their trust in these centers.

Artin Dried Fruits Company

Arnin Nuts and Dried Fruits Company is a collection that can help you in exporting, buying, and selling your products.
In this company, jujube is available in 6 categories.
The first 4 categories include jujube nuts that are different in terms of quality and size.

And the last 2 categories include medicinal jujube.
In the export/import route, the destination country first chooses its product type, what quality, color, size, and other items it has.
Then a physical sample of the product for the destination country is sent by mail.
In case of confirmation, the final price of the products will be estimated and the contract will be done and ready for sale.

Artin Company handles all customs-related export and certification matters until the end.
If you want to cooperate, you can contact Artin consultants.

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