Jujube for Tajikistan | Iranian Dried Anab Fruit Import

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Jujube for Tajikistan | Iranian Dried Anab Fruit Import

Jujube for Tajikistan | Iranian Dried Anab Fruit Import

Jujube for Tajikistan, Exporting Iranian Anab and Dried Barberry fruit to Tajikistan. These are new products for import to Tajikistan.

The largest share of jujube exports to Tajikistan is the share of Khorasan Razavi province and the city of Mashhad.

Given that jujube is a product of the southern parts of Khorasan, this product is ready for sale at low prices in international markets through Mashhad.
Jujube has different types in terms of color, size, and sweetness that you should check when buying in bulk.

The main hub of Iranian jujube production is in Birjand and Khosaf in South Khorasan province. Many different areas and orchards in these cities specialize in the production, processing, and export of jujube.

Best Jujube Fruit in Khorasan

Best Jujube Fruit in Khorasan

As mentioned, jujube is produced in tropical regions of South Khorasan province. Jujube is a tall tree that is resistant to heat and dehydration.

Of course, the care of jujube trees should be very high during the year because the drought in South Khorasan province can cause many pests on the trees.
With the care and control of relative organization experts, this problem is largely under control in the main jujube orchards in the region.

Jujube (Anab) is mainly available in different regions of South Khorasan province. But the main center and cradle of jujube production are in two main cities of this province and region.
Many farmers in these areas are exemplary jujube growers in the country every year.
Jujube fruit of these areas is extremely sweet in taste; But in terms of size, there are both small and large among the products. In the next section, we will explain more about the rating and quality of products.

In addition to Iran, jujube is also available in China, which is larger than Iranian jujube, but it is completely different from Iranian jujube in terms of taste.

How to Determine the Jujubes’ Quality?

How to Determine the Jujubes' Quality?

As you can see, Anab fruit is not uniform when you harvest them from the tree. Producers should separate small and large dried Anab fruits. In fact, the uniformity of size is a good feature of the product.
Therefore, one of the main processes after harvesting is its sizing and separation. It’s obviously important when you want to export jujube for Tajikistan and Afghanistan markets.

Obviously, this procedure of sorting by size is not that difficult. In fact, you just need a kind of sieve to do it. With this method, the jujubes in each category (based on size) have almost the same size.

Since large jujubes have specific uses and their own customers, and on the other hand, small jujubes have their own customers, this size difference makes the product cost-effective for both customers in terms of quality and price.

If we want to name the most important parameters that are important to determine the quality of jujube fruits, we can mention the following briefly:

Jujube size / Jujube color (bright red or liver) / No Wrinkles on the skin / Jujube seed size / Pest

The best jujubes for the export markets are available in Khorasan. Few manufacturing companies are active in the field of jujube exports in this region of the country. The main focus of manufacturers is on selling the product in the domestic market of Iran.

But one of the main exporters of jujube in Khorasan province is the Artin jujube production company. In this company, all processes from gardening the trees to sorting and processing of jujube fruits are done professionally and products of different qualities are ready to be offered in the market.

Price of Jujube for Export to Tajikistan

Price of Jujube for Export to Tajikistan

Exporting jujube to Tajikistan is one of the ways to supply jujube in international markets. Countries such as Iraq, Pakistan, India, Canada, and some European countries are buyers of Iranian jujube.

With the introduction of the Iranian jujube in the Tajik market, its sales volume has boomed compared to previous years. This has led some exporters of jujube to add to their product portfolio to be offered in the markets of this country.

If you also need to import red date jujubes to Tajikistan, you can contact the Artin jujube sales and export unit to be introduced to first-class and high-quality products. First, pictures and prices of jujube will be sent to you.

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