Jujube Fruits 2021 Crops to Buy in Bulk

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Jujube Fruits 2021 Crops

Jujube Fruits 2021 Crops to Buy in Bulk

Jujube Fruits 2021 crops harvested and ready for shipment in the Artin company. Do you want to buy jujube red dates in bulk to import from Iran?

Dried jujube fruits purchase, a first-class product of 2021 crops, is possible by the Artin online store site.
You can contact our partners to buy major types of jujube in different sizes.

There are 4 to 7 different quality grades of the dried jujube fruits 2021 crops available in the Artin company.

Jujube Fruits 2021 crops harvest season in Iran

Jujube Fruits 2021 crops

As you are aware, the jujube harvest season in different parts of Iran begins in mid-August.
Every year during the harvest season, some farmers sell their produce as fresh fruit.
But a high percentage of jujube is selling dried in the market.

In the 2021 crop year, the harvest has already ended and the sale of dried jujube products has started in bulk.

South Khorasan Province has the highest amount of jujube production in Iran.

Iranian Unab (Jujube Fruit) Wholesale Center

Iranian Unab

The main production center of the Iranian jujube dates is in South Khorasan province.
Farmers of different cities in this province are also producing jujube along with barberry and saffron.

Each of them is different in terms of quality according to weather conditions, type of water (fresh or salt), and type of bond.
The more we go to the southern regions of the province, the better the quality of jujube produces than other regions.

One of the centers for direct sale of jujube from the orchards to wholesalers across Iran is the Artin production company.
In this company, jujubes classify into different sizes after drying by sieving devices or manually.

In Artin Company in 2021, first-class dried jujube classifies into 7 codes.
One of these codes is related to medicinal jujube and the other classes include nut jujube in different sizes.

To receive pictures of each of these jujubes, you can contact the colleagues and experts of the Artin sales unit.

Daily Prices of Artin Dried Jujube Dates

Artin Dried Jujube Dates

The price of first-class dried jujube in 2021 did not increase by a large percentage in comparison to last year.
But in the first codes, especially the hand-selected jujubes, this price increase is more evident.

In general, in comparison to other agricultural items, the price of jujube doesn’t increase much in the wholesale market.

To receive and view the image of each of the mentioned codes, you can contact our colleagues in WhatsApp or Telegram and receive images of jujube fruits 2021 crops.

Of course, keep in mind that there are various discounts for bulk purchases and high volume.
You can take advantage of these discounts for bulk purchases, especially at the time of export/import.

One of the main discounts of the Artin jujube production company is to do all customs affairs completely free of charge for export orders of more than 7 tons.

How to put an order for jujube fruits 2021 crops?

jujube fruits 2021 crops

To register the bulk purchase order of first-class dried jujube from the Artin jujube website, you can do the following steps:

  1. Full review of the published article
  2. View and check the prices of different types of jujube
  3. Contact the Artin jujube sales unit and receive images of different jujube codes (via WhatsApp or Telegram or other social networks)
  4. Check the pictures
  5. Initial approval of jujube and selection of desired varieties
  6. Get a sample of each of the requested codes
  7. Final approval
  8. Receive a proforma invoice from the sales unit
  9. Receive and record finances from the accounting unit
  10. Packaging and sending the product to the desired country

For export/import customers, another section is added, including the declaration of cargo to customs, obtaining the relevant certificates (health certificate, certificate of origin, etc.), sealing, and international cargo transportation.

All these things are doing by Artin’s experienced business team in the shortest time for customers.
All customer orders are sending directly from Mashhad city in Iran.

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