Jujube Online Purchase – Red Dates Bulk Supply

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Jujube Online Purchase

Jujube Online Purchase – Red Dates Bulk Supply

Jujube Online Purchase for high volumes and bulk supply is possible via the Artin dried fruits company. jujubes are Chinese red dates.

Artin jujube online wholesale website has been launched since 2013.
On this website, you can purchase all kinds of dried and fresh jujube at the best prices.
Jujube is available in this company for your purchases in different quality codes and categories.

The point is that the Artin company is in Iran and produces Iranian jujube fruits. In fact, Chinese dates or Ziziphus Jujuba are the other names of the jujube fruit in some markets.

In Iran, we have small size jujubes that are using in the production of jujube powder, jujube cube, and also for medicinal purposes.
Jujube online purchase from other countries mostly refers to the bulk purchases. The Artin company supplies Iranian jujube fruit in small sizes for India and in big sizes and high qualities for Canada and England.

The main activity of this production unit is the supply of jujube in bulk.
All the products of the Artin company are produced in the Khorasan province of Iran.

Production and Sale Center of Iranian Jujube

Production and Sale Center of Iranian Jujube

Production and sale of jujube can be the most important part of the production process until the consumption of jujube.
As you know, most of the Iranian jujube production is referring to the South Khorasan province.

Three regions in the province have the highest production and area under jujube cultivation.
Jujube trees can reach a height of 10 meters.
But the important point is that with increasing the height of the trees, the size of the jujube becomes smaller and smaller.
For this reason, farmers usually prune their trees and prevent them from increasing in height.

Usually, to pick jujubes from the tree, the trees are shaken to pour the jujube on the spread shawls.
We have to point out an important point here.

Fresh jujube is available in the harvest season of jujube fruits and in late summer.

Due to their low shelf life, these jujubes dry out and dry jujubes cover year-round consumption.
So the fresh jujube online purchase in large quantities is not possible. It also means that the fresh jujube is only available in the domestic market of Iran during the harvest season of this product.

The jujubes we see fresh throughout the year (except the harvest season (late summer)) are actually dry jujubes mixed with water.
So you buy some water at the same price as jujube.

Jujube Online Wholesale & Purchase Price

Jujube Online Wholesale & Purchase Price

Jujube is one of the fruits that have numerous properties.
As mentioned, the best and highest quality jujube is also produced in South Khorasan province.
Most jujube sales usually occur in the city of Mashhad and Khorasan Razavi province of Iran due to the movement of pilgrims.
Now the question is at what price high-quality jujube can be bought in bulk.

Artin Nuts company is one of the groups that produces and sells jujube. Also, this company has a website that you can do online bulk purchases there.

Below are two important features of this collection.

  • Dried jujubes are produced and processed to order by customers, so they are fresh and of high quality.
  • Due to the integration of the sales and production stages, you can get your jujube from this collection at the best price.

Every customer wants high-quality jujube at a reasonable price, and this collection tries to enable all people to prepare and consume the highest quality jujube.

There are a few things to keep in mind.
Dried jujube is in 7 categories and each has its own price.
Another point is that the price of jujube varies according to the supply and demand in the market and other factors.
For these reasons, the sales consultants of the Artin company can help you in buying ideal and high-quality jujube.

Artin Jujube Online Purchase

Artin Jujube Online Purchase

As we can see, people are becoming more and more familiar with technology, cyberspace, and online shopping (B2B and B2C) websites.
One of the points that have become very popular in recent years is that major purchases of products such as jujube have also been made online.

Even in some very large volumes, purchases are made online.
The Artin Company has a long time of experience in exporting nuts and dried fruits.

You can easily and with complete confidence make your purchases from this collection.
Also, you can check the Persian website of this company: Artinnuts Persian Website.

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