Jujube Online Sale and Import Order | Iranian Red Dates

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Jujube Online Sale

Jujube Online Sale and Import Order | Iranian Red Dates

Jujube online sale and purchase for export and import is now possible on the Artin wholesale website. You can order Iranian red dates here.

The Artin jujube sale website is one of the official sources of this product in Iran.
You can buy high-quality fresh jujube fruits from this website.

Artin companies are one of the main centers for distribution and wholesale of jujube.
The distribution center of all products is from Birjand city in the South Khorasan province of Iran.

In the following, we will get more familiar with the types of jujube (Red Dates) and the price inquiry of these products on the Artin jujube online wholesale website.

Iran Dried Jujube Fruits

Iran Dried Jujube Fruits

Khorasan is one of the largest producers of jujube (Iranian ANAB or Chinese Red Dates) in Iran.
Different areas in this city are under jujube cultivation.
So, If you are searching for a producer of jujube with an online sale system, the producers are in the South Khorasan province of Iran.

The highest areas under red dates (Ziziphus Jujuba) cultivation are the following areas:

  • Birjand
  • Ghayen
  • Sarbisheh

Due to several years of drought, the fertility of trees has decreased, but the area under cultivation is increasing.
Jujube is one of the crops that need little irrigation, but unfortunately, the lack of rain cause problems for farmers.
This drought also causes pests of crops.

The jujube harvest season begins in August and lasts until the end of September.
Once the jujube is completely dry, it is ready to sort.

Khorasan Red Jujube Fruits Sorting

Khorasan Red Jujube

Different production units use different methods for sorting and sieving jujube.
In fact, many farmers market their products in not sorted form (a mixture of large and small).

But since some customers need large and nut-size jujube and others need small and medicinal jujube, producers use solutions.
The most important and main way to meet the needs of customers is to sort products based on size.
When they sort jujubes by size, each of the outputs can be ready for specific customers.

In the Artin jujube production company, jujube is in different categories.
The main criterion for this is size, but other parameters are also in use.
Some of the most important ones are the color, the status of wrinkles, and the pest of the product.

The Artin Company’s jujube online sale is for these sorted and categorized red dates.

Jujube Wholesale Price Online Inquiry

Jujube Wholesale Price

There are different quality parameters besides all the orders quantity and packaging conditions that affect the price of the product. Obviously, these items are not only important for jujube online sales but also important for any kind of sales for any type of product.

The Artin jujube production company offers all its products in the market all over the country.
Also, if you want to export jujube, you can contact the commercial department of Artin company.

To see the size and quality of each code, you can ask sales experts on social networks to be sent to you as soon as possible.
They will send images and videos of each code separately.
Volume discounts are also available for customers in major purchases.
In this regard, you can contact Artin sales department.

Call us nowArtin Jujube Online Sale Website

Jujube Online Sale

There are many benefits to buying directly from a manufacturer.
These advantages are more visible in bulk purchases.
The most important of these is a reasonable and competitive price.

The Artin production company is one of the main suppliers of jujube in recent years.
In this unit, jujube is available for sale in different qualities in 30 kg packages.

You can contact the sales department to get details and how to buy.
Various communication ways to establish this connection have been placed on the online sales website of Artin Iranian Red Dates company.

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