Jujube Price in 2021 | Iranian Dried Anab Wholesale

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Jujube Price in 2021

Jujube Price in 2021 | Iranian Dried Anab Wholesale

Jujube Price in 2021 in Iran wholesale market is between 0.45 USD/Kg and 4 USD/Kg depending on the quality of this Iranian Dried Anab.

How much is the main price of Iranian dried jujube fruit in 2021?
When is the Iranian ANAB harvest season in South Khorasan province?
In the following, you can read complete information about different types of jujube.

You can also see the dried jujube price in 2021.
In addition, explanations will be provided regarding the export of Iranian jujube to different countries.

Iranian Jujube Fruit Harvest Season

Jujube Fruit Harvest Season

Fresh jujube is ready to harvest from trees in late summer.
The months of August and September are the peak of the jujube harvest from the orchards of South Khorasan province.
In fact, Birjand city in the central part has the highest amount of jujube production and sales.

Many farmers and production units in this region of the country offer their jujube in the market all over the country.
Iranian Fresh Anab fruit is available throughout the country at the beginning of the season for fresh eating through the domestic market.

But the fresh green jujube season ends exactly with the end of the jujube harvest.
Many of our customers wonder how some sellers of fresh jujube sell in the market throughout the year.
At the end of this article, we will provide a complete answer to this question.

Artin jujube production company distributes fresh and first-class green jujube in the market at the beginning of the season.
Of course, it should be noted that fresh jujube has a low shelf life and must be stored in a suitable environment.

In case of improper transportation or extreme heat, fresh jujube will quickly become moldy.

Fresh and Dried Jujube Price in Khorasan, Iran

Fresh and Dried Jujube

Having the price for bulk purchase is one of the main parameters.
But in horticultural and agricultural products, especially those for which there are no special parameters, the work is difficult.

To solve these problems, each manufacturer uses its own criteria.
Some classify it depending on its size and some depending on the type of jujube.
In this regard, jujube should be according to customer needs.

In fact, before receiving the price, it must be determined exactly what kind of jujube is in demand and ordered with what quality.
Some customers want to buy small size jujube for powder or grinding, but others need medium but colorful jujube.
Some customers also request big-size jujube with the least amount of wrinkles.

With accurate needs assessment, we can provide a suitable and reasonable quality at an affordable price.
Customer satisfaction is at the highest possible level, both in terms of quality and price.

In the Artin jujube production company, the main category is based on size.
But at the time of product launch, other criteria are also effective in determining the price.
The main parameters are as follows:

  • Product color
  • Jujube skin
  • Pest or the presence of worms
  • Package type

All these cases have a direct impact on Jujube’s price in 2021.
In the following, the price list of jujube in Artin jujube company is ready for you (Price Update: 25/04/2021).
But to have the exact price according to the required jujube, be sure to contact the sales unit.
Our partners will send you pictures of each product along with the price.

  • Nut Size (Big Size) Jujube, (Code A to E):
    1. A: 4 USD/Kg
    2. B: 3 USD/Kg
    3. C: 2 USD/Kg
    4. D: 1.5 USD/Kg
    5. E: 1 USD/Kg
  • Small Size (Medicinal) Jujube:
    1. Code F: 0.75 USD/Kg
    2. Code G: 0.45 USD/Kg

Iranian Dried Anab Import

Iranian Dried Anab Import

In addition to being sold in the domestic market, Iranian jujube is also used for export to various countries.
The price of Birjand dried jujube for export is slightly different from the price of jujube for the domestic market.
Because in the Artin company, there’s an attempt to prepare the export product with 100% sort.

With this method, jujube is ready to be sold and exported.
Different countries buy Iranian jujube, some of the most important of which are as follows:

  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Iraq
  • Canada
  • The Netherlands
  • England
  • Kazakhstan

Of course, each of these countries buys a certain type of jujube in bulk.
For example, jujube sent to the Netherlands must be large and perfectly smooth.
But jujube sent to India is a type of small jujube that is fine and has a high percentage of wrinkles.

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