Jujube Wholesale Price in Market for import/export

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Jujube Wholesale Price in Market for import/export

Jujube Wholesale Price in Market for import/export

How to get the best jujube wholesale price for import/export businesses? Where to buy Iranian jujube in bulk to compete in export markets.

The wholesale price of Iranian jujube is the best in its production regions mean Khorasan province.
Because the largest center of production and supply of jujube in Iran is South Khorasan province.

Late summer is the harvest season of jujubes in Iran.
Fresh green jujube is distributed throughout Iran only at the beginning of the season.

There are various wholesalers for Iranian jujube fruits in Khorasan province.
Some farmers also offer their products through the wholesale markets of Mashhad and Tehran.
So, obviously, the jujube wholesale price is lower when you achieve the producers and when you are at the harvest season.

Harvest Season of Jujube Fruits

Harvest Season of Jujube FruitsThe jujube harvest season begins in August and may change for a few days depending on weather conditions.
Fresh jujube is available in the market during the harvest season.
But this fresh jujube is not in demand for export/import.
By the way, the wholesale price of dried jujube is really different from the wholesale price of fresh jujubes.

Some people tend to use soft, fresh green jujube, which is very tasty.
But since the shelf life of fresh jujube fruit is low, most growers dry jujubes.

Dried jujube is available in the market from September every year until June and July of the following year.
Some manufacturers keep products in the refrigerator and cold storage, especially on hot days.

Some sellers sell fresh jujube during the year. To do this, they often put dried jujube in water for a few hours to absorb moisture.
With this method, jujube becomes completely soft and fresh and is easy to consume.
It should be noted that jujube prepared in this way has a shorter shelf life and should be consumed quickly.

Jujube’s Manufacturer Wholesale Price

Jujube's Manufacturer Wholesale PriceAs mentioned, the main center of production and sale of jujube is the South Khorasan province of Iran.
The cities of Birjand, Sarbisheh, Khosf, and Ghaenat have many jujube orchards.
The highest area under cultivation is allocated to the two cities of Khosf and Birjand.

Due to the weather and water conditions in this region of the country, the best quality of Iranian ANAB (Ziziphus Jujuba Fruit) is available there.

Many farmers and producers distribute their products directly throughout the country.
In addition, some of these production units offer their products in export/import markets, which is a good income for the country.

Iranian jujube has many buyers in the markets of Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Pakistan, and India.
The main competitor of Iranian jujube is in China.

One of the main suppliers of jujube in different qualities is the Artin jujube production company.
In this collection, small and large jujubes are first separated based on size.
This is to make the choice easier for customers because some buyers are only looking for small size jujube to produce tea and grind.
But others tend to buy bulk and large size jujube.

In this regard, sizing in the Artin production company is done by a device.

Jujube Wholesale Price

Jujube Wholesale PriceWhat is the price of jujube in the wholesale market?
This is the question that major buyers are looking for.

The main market is jujube in Birjand city.
After that, the Mashhad barberry and jujube market is the second center for distributing ANAB throughout the country.
To get the price list, we must first know what parameters affect the price of jujube.

First of all, the supply and demand in the market determine the price and the overall picture for the whole year.
This parameter will be more effective especially in years when there is drought and jujube harvest is not that much.

Other factors that affect the quality of the jujube are the size of the jujube, the color of the product, the uniformity, the number of pests, and the type of packaging.

Jujube of Artin production company is available in 7 different codes.
To receive the price list as well as pictures related to these products, you can contact the Artin jujube sales unit.

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