Jujube’s Major Supply | Artin Iranian Anab Producer

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Jujube's Major Supply | Artin Iranian Anab Producer

Jujube’s Major Supply | Artin Iranian Anab Producer

Jujube’s major supply for export/import is the professional business of the Artin Iranian Anab producer. Do you know Ziziphus Jujuba’s fruit?

Khorasan is the main distribution center for fresh and dried jujube in Iran.
In this part of Iran, large and high-quality jujubes are available at lower prices.

But there are not that various company’s active in the field of jujube’s major supply. So you need to search so much to find any supplier and producer.

The highest jujube harvest is in Khorasan but the most sale concentration is in the cities of Birjand and Mashhad.
Below you can easily make direct contact with the Artin jujube production company to get the prices.

Khorasan Jujube Production – Artin Ziziphus Jujuba

Khorasan Jujube Production - Artin Ziziphus Jujuba

The main centers of jujube production in the world are different countries.
The most important countries in the field of jujube production are China, Russia, and Iran.

Of course, Chinese and Russian jujubes are larger than Iranian jujubes (bigger in size).
In Iran, there are more red edible jujube orchards in the east of the country.

The highest area under jujube cultivation is in South Khorasan province.
According to statistics, more than 5,000 tons of Iranian jujube were from the orchards of this province last year.

Of course, due to droughts a few years ago, this amount has decreased.
We hope that for the next years, jujube quality and production quantity will increase significantly.

Therefore, the best and most affordable jujube’s major supply prices are available in this province of Iran.

Khorasan Jujube’s Major Supply

Khorasan Jujube's Major Supply

Various companies and industrial units are active in the field of production, sorting, and sieving of jujube.
Most of these producers are in Khorasan Province.

Artin jujube company is one of the major jujube distribution centers in Khorasan.
In this company, the Iranian ANAB (Ziziphus Jujube Fruit) is available for customers in specific codes and categories every year.

The main priority and criterion in the classification of Artin jujube is the size of the product, in which jujube has 7 sizes.
The sorting and sizing of jujube are done by innovative devices in this company.

Other criteria for determining the quality of jujube include the following:

  1. Jujube color
  2. The rate of wrinkles
  3. Freshness
  4. No pest infestation
  5. Package type

All these factors directly affect the price of jujube.
Meanwhile, as the customs and Tehran Chamber of Commerce statistics show, the Iranian jujube is of interest to traders and merchants for export from Iran to various countries.

The highest sales of Iranian jujube is to the following countries:


Some of these countries buy large and first-class jujube and others small jujube, which is medicinal jujube.

Jujube has various uses; For this reason, it is of interest to various food factories.
On the other hand, having many medicinal properties causes factories active in the field of drug production to seek to buy this product.

The most important product made from jujube by pharmaceutical companies is related to a sore throat.

Artin Dried Jujubes Wholesale in Bulk

Artin Dried Jujubes Wholesale in Bulk

As you are aware, Artin jujube company is ready to sell its products to the market in 7 different categories.

The price of jujube depends on various quality parameters.
The most important of which are available to you in the previous section.
In the Artin company, all products are in bulk from Khorasan.

If you need to view images of each of the quality codes, you can get these images from sales experts on social networks.
One of the communication channels (WhatsApp) is available below.

By clicking on the image above, you can connect us now.

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