Jujubes’ Price in Iran | Iranian Dried Fruits for Sale

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Jujubes' Price in Iran | Iranian Dried Fruits for Sale

Jujubes’ Price in Iran | Iranian Dried Fruits for Sale

Jujubes’ price in Iran for sale in bulk depends on the quality and many other domestic parameters of the Iranian dried fruits market.

What is the bulk selling price of dried jujubes in Iran’s market?
Jujube is available in different cities of South Khorasan province of Iran.
But its main center is Birjand and the surrounding villages.

Jujube is available in other countries but Iranian jujubes have quality differences.
These areas have the highest jujube production.

Iranian Jujube Fruits

Iranian Jujube Fruits

It can be said with confidence that the center of Iranian jujube production is the South Khorasan province of Iran.
From this province, you can buy fresh and dried jujube fruits and make many uses of this valuable product.
Here are some important tips on buying different types of jujube.

We will see fresh jujube only in the harvest season.
Jujube fruit is also available at the last two months of summer.

Due to the short shelf life of fresh jujube and refrigeration costs, most producers dry their products.
Dried jujubes have a very high shelf life and is available throughout the year.
But jujubes’ price in Iran changes during the year according to the market tendency.

You may be wondering how’s that we can see fresh jujubes in the market throughout the year.
In fact, such jujubes are not fresh jujube, but dry jujube soaked in water by the seller.

In the following sections, we have more information about jujubes and the selling price of dried jujube fruits.

Jujubes’ Wholesale Price in Iran

Jujubes' Wholesale Price in Iran

Let’s start our discussion like this.
We do not have something with the name of best jujube because different types of jujube have their own uses and each is in use for a specific job.

But we can say what is the highest quality of jujube.
Jujube is available in 8 different categories (based on the Artin products) according to different characteristics.

The first 5 categories of Jujube are the jujubes that are in use as nuts in nut stores, which codes 1 and 2 are the highest quality jujube.
The next 3 categories are medicinal jujubes. In fact, these jujubes are in use for medicinal purposes.

These jujubes are also known as powdering-jujube and are for various purposes such as making various medicines or jujube cubes.
For this reason, every customer buys a certain type of jujube according to their needs, and the word “best jujube” is wrong because of this.

Nut jujubes are larger in size and often have fewer wrinkles. Because of these charactristices, nut jujubes’ price in Iran is higher than medicinal jujubes.
But on the other hand, medicinal jujubes are small in size and have high wrinkles.

The selling price of dried nut jujubes is also higher than medicinal jujubes in Iran and even other countries.

Due to the variety of jujubes, buying and selling dried jujube will be a bit difficult.

The Artin Company sales consultants can help you buy an ideal product.
You can contact the Artin Business Consultants for free consultation and purchase of jujube.

In the next section, we will explain more details about the Artin collection so that you can get more acquainted with this collection.

Artin Jujube Major Supply

Artin Jujube Major Supply

There are several collections in the field of production and sale of jujube.
Artin Trading Company has also had many activities in the field of selling and supplying various types of dried jujube.

This company has numerous relationships with farmers and jujube producers.
Due to this, the Artin jujube Company delivers the highest quality jujube to the customers.

On the other hand, due to the various relationships, jujube will reach the supplier and buyer of jujube at the best price.
In fact, excellent price and good quality are the two main demands of consumers that Artin dried fruit company is abale to make it possible.

As the previous sections, jujube is available in 8 different categories and in two types of nut and medicine.

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