Jujube’s Wholesale Market in Iran | Iranian Red Dates

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Jujube's Wholesale Market in Iran | Iranian Red Dates

Jujube’s Wholesale Market in Iran | Iranian Red Dates

Jujube’s wholesale market in Iran is mainly the Khorasan market because Khorasan is the producer of Iranian red dates in large quantities.

By the way, the main jujube wholesale market in Khorasan is in the southern parts.
Birjand and Khosaf are the largest production centers of high quality and first-class jujube in Iran.
In these cities, production units are processing and packing jujube.

Khorasan red jujube has many different uses due to its medicinal properties.
This has led to more orders in the cold seasons of the year.

The jujube harvest season begins in August and in some areas continues until early October.

Jujube’s Wholesale Market in Iran

Jujube's Wholesale Market in IranThere is a wholesale market of jujube in different cities of Iran.
But if we want to look at this issue more closely, the central and western cities of Iran have more orders.
Large, high-quality jujube is often available in Khorasan and they use it as a nut and dried fruit.

While small and second-class jujube is available in the market for medicinal purposes and even powdering.
This use is for the preparation of various medicines for colds and sore throats.

The jujube market is diverse, and for this reason, different strata and bazaars in other countries also tend to buy this product.
The countries of Iraq, Qatar, India, and Canada are the main buyers of jujube in South Khorasan.

Iranian Red Dates Major Supply Center

Iranian Red Dates Major Supply CenterAs you are aware, the center of jujube cultivation is in South Khorasan province.
Central parts such as Birjand, Sharbisheh, and Khosf have the highest area under jujube cultivation in this province.

Jujube in these areas is available in different qualities depending on the type of graft as well as water consumption (fresh or salt).
The jujube tree should be constantly inspected and maintained to offer the best crop at the end of the season.

The farmers of this region of the country have been able to increase the quality of their products day by day by accurate and up-to-date training.
Nowadays, we see a significant increase in the production and export of Iranian jujubes.
Countries such as Iraq, Pakistan, India, the Netherlands, and Canada buy large and first-class jujube in Birjand.
This product is often along with other types of nuts, especially pistachios, barberry, and raisins for export.
Some pharmaceutical companies in Germany are also looking to buy this product to provide some flu medications.

Various companies in South Khorasan province, especially Birjand, are active in the field of wholesale and supply of barberry and jujube.
One of these companies is the Artin Jujube Production Co., which sells its products in different categories in the market.

Jujube size is usually very important for customers in the first priority.
In this regard, in this company, jujubes are available in 6 different categories according to their size.
With this method, the choice becomes easier for buyers and they know which Artin jujube code to buy during the year.

Dried Jujube Fruits Price and Quality

Dried Jujube Fruits Price and QualityObviously, the price of jujube depends on various quality parameters.
Some of the most important criteria in determining the price of jujube are as follows:

Jujube size – product color – the percentage of wrinkles – healthy or pest – the type of packaging

All of these are directly effective on quality and price.

As mentioned in the previous section, Artin jujube is coded in different sizes.
To get the price list of this product, you can contact one of the sales experts right now. And They will send you the price list of all products.
In addition, along with the price list, images of all codes will be sent to you on WhatsApp or Telegram.
So that you can compare your product and their price to register your order.

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